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Derek Fisher Now New York Knicks Head Coaching Choice

May 16th, 2014 at 9:16 AM
By Matt Agne

Knicks 101 reported that Derek Fisher could emerge as a coaching choice for the New York Knicks. Not only does he have a major connection to Phil Jackson but many around the league feel he, like Steve Kerr, has a bright future as a coach ahead of him. Now that Kerr joined the Golden State Warriors instead of the Knicks could Fisher become Jackson's top choice?

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Derek Fisher has played 18 seasons in the NBA, including this season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He intends to retire following the season but as one of the last few teams alive Fisher's career is ongoing. When it's over could he become the New York Knicks next head coach?

CBS New York reports Fisher could become the next head coach of the Knicks.

Derek Fisher is still playing basketball. But if the Knicks have their way he’ll be coaching them very soon.

Fisher, whose Oklahoma City Thunder will attempt to close out the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 6 on Thursday night, is the new front-runner to coach the Knicks next season, the Daily News reported earlier in the day.

But that’s not the only scenario. Other news outlets are reporting other candidates will also be considered for the head coach job, including Tyronn Lue and Luke Walton, ESPN reported.

'Gilbert Arenas, Tyronn Lue' photo (c) 2006, Keith Allison - license: Hiring a first-time coach like Fisher would allow Phil Jackson to operate the same way he planned to had his plan of hiring Steve Kerr worked. 

It would allow Jackson to install the triangle offense and have influence over the coach instead of the head coach being resistant and wanting to make his own decisions.

The same would be true if Jackson were to hire Tyronn Lue, Luke Walton or any other first-time head coach. Lue isn't a bad candidate for the job. He's gained plenty of knowledge at the feat of Jackson and Doc Rivers. Walton on the other hand seems like he'd be a bit out of his league. 

Lue has been working under Doc Rivers for the last five seasons, first with the Boston Celtics and now with the Clippers. Walton served as an assistant with the Memphis Tigers during the 2011 NBA lockout, and spent this season as a Los Angeles D-Fenders assistant coach and a Lakers television analyst, CBS Sports reported.

Either would be solid choices as assistant coaches. However, it's starting to seem like anybody with a connection to Jackson in the past will be linked to a job with the Knicks.

That's the nature of running a specific system like the triangle offense. Not many use it so hiring outside of Jackson's inner-circle is difficult. That's why no one should be surprised if the eventual coaching staff if filled with former assistants or players of Jackson. They're just the people who would be educated on the triangle offense and that Jackson could trust.

Don't be surprised to hear more Jackson associates named as potential hires with the Knicks. They could end up as players or executives. It's only natural for Jackson to hire those he's comfortable with.

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