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New York Knicks Laugh at Steve Kerr’s Contract Demands

May 13th, 2014 at 10:35 PM
By Matt Agne

Everyone knows that the New York Knicks want to hire Steve Kerr as their next head coach. Because of that, he's able to ask them for the sky. That's just how negotiations work. If someone is desperate for something they'll often pay out the nose for it. However, in this case, the Knicks are balking at Kerr's contract wishes.

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The reality is, the New York Knicks want to hire Steve Kerr and Kerr knows it. Everyone knows it. That's why Kerr can ask for a ridiculous salary. That doesn't mean the Knicks will give him what he wants but he's in a position to ask for more than he probably deserves. Good for him for playing the hand he was dealt. 

Everyone knows how this will go. Kerr will ask for an outrageous salary. The Knicks will counter with a low one. In the end, it's very likely that they will meet somewhere in the middle and make a pact that will hopefully satisfy them both. However, at this point all that's happened is Kerr has asked for a lot and the Knicks have laughed at his asking price.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports the Knicks have balked at Kerr's contract wishes.

Knicks have been slow to overpay Steve Kerr in deal length or salary, sources say. Tried treating him closer to 1st-time coach than a star.

There's still no contract agreement between the Knicks and Steve Kerr, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. Talks will continue this week.
As Knicks-Steve Kerr lock in staredown over deal terms, Golden State will go hard at Kerr again if Van Gundy takes Detroit, sources say.
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Clearly the Golden State Warriors play a big part in this entire thing. As it turns out, the Warriors and Utah Jazz are interested in Kerr. What that means is there's a marketplace for his services.
The rules of supply and demand state if the supply is low, the demand becomes great. There's only one Kerr, that makes the demand for him high. At least when there's more than one team in the running for his services. 

In the end, Kerr’s contract probably wont interfere with the Knicks hiring him. James Dolan has plenty of money and as long as he stays true to his word of allowing Phil Jackson to make all the decisions Kerr will likely become the Knicks next head coach. Even if it costs Dolan $30 million to make it happen.

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports a contract between Kerr and the Knicks could be finalized very soon.

Steve Kerr still considers the Knicks the clear frontrunner to be his next employer and is awaiting formal contract details before any deal to make him the team’s coach can become official, an NBA source told The Post on Sunday.

The Kerr camp is hoping a resolution can be reached this week, perhaps as soon as Monday or Tuesday. However, no press conference can be held until after Tuesday because Kerr will be in Oklahoma City for TNT calling Game 5 of the Clippers-Thunder second-round playoff series.

The positive is that it seems like everyone wants the same thing. The Knicks want to get this done and Kerr is looking forward to receiving a formal offer. That's very good because fans want to know either way.

Most are bothered by Kerr's reported contract demands but really wouldn't mind if Dolan spent his money on a coach. In the end, it's a billionaire spending millions. That's not something the average fan worries about. 

However, people want to know whose going to be the next head coach of the Knicks. There's plenty of debate on if Kerr is the right man for the job but if he's the choice of the franchise fans want him under contract and beginning his duties as the head coach in New York

Hopefully the waiting will come to an end sooner than later. It's time to make a choice and get a deal done. It's taken long enough. The franchise needs to move forward. They need to start building. The players need to know who they'll be answering to.

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