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Steve Kerr Wants Huge Contract to Coach New York Knicks

May 11th, 2014 at 8:36 AM
By Matt Agne

There's no hiding the fact that Phil Jackson wants to sign Steve Kerr as the next head coach of the New York Knicks. Knowing that, and knowing how wealthy James Dolan is, Kerr is asking a premium in order to take on the job. Is Kerr worth the Knicks shelling out up to $30 million?

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When Jason Kidd retired from the New York Knicks and decided to join the coaching ranks of the NBA most believed he'd succeed as a head coach. Most around the NBA believe the same about Steve Kerr. After all, Kerr has been a player for years as well as an NBA executive. There's no reason to believe the intelligent Kerr will struggle as a coach. However, how much should he make to take the first chair on the bench?

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports the details of what Kerr is asking for to coach the Knicks.

Kerr’s agent is Mike Tannenbaum, the former Jets general manager. It is believed Tannenbaum is seeking a five-year deal for Kerr, the same length as Jackson’s.

It is also believed Kerr is seeking a similar financial deal as Mike D’Antoni had when he inked a four-year, $24 million pact with the Knicks in 2008. Jackson and owner James Dolan might have to overpay to get Kerr to move across the country.

To put this into perspective, Jason Kidd received a four-years, $10.5 million contract. $7.5 million of that is guaranteed. The fourth year of the contract is a team option.

Berman is reporting Kerr is looking for a deal worth around $24 million. Others are saying he wants upwards of $30 million. Is Kerr really worth two to three times the amount that Kidd is to the Brooklyn Nets?

Remember, this is a first-time head coach we're talking about. He has no prior assistant coaching experience. He also hasn't been actively involved in league operations for three years.

Even if he doesn't land a $30 million deal getting the same kind of deal Mike D'Antoni did with the Knicks is fairly insulting to the veteran coach. Like him or not, D'Antoni joined the Knicks after a very successful run with the Phoenix Suns.

It just shows how the interest level Kerr has commanded going into next season. Most know Kerr wants to coach. They also believe he's do well at it. That being said, it's also known Kerr's desire to stay on the west coast. 

From the sounds of things, the Knicks will need to pay a premium for Kerr to move to the east coast. Most need a resume to make demands but apparently Kerr doesn't.

Despite his lack of experience, Kerr has been able to garner faith in his potential as a coach throughout the NBA. That being said, Kerr is in the running for the Golden State Warriors head coaching job as well. However, he's still considered the favorite to land the Knicks job.

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