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New York Knicks’ Raymond Felton Arrested on Gun Charges

February 25th, 2014 at 7:46 PM
By Matt Agne

Raymond Felton's year just keeps getting worse and worse. Not only has he come under fire for his lack of conditioning and poor play this season, his wife has filed for divorce. Believe it or not, it gets worse. Felton turned himself into police following the Knicks loss to the Dallas Mavericks and was officially arrested on gun charges.

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If only the New York Knicks could have somehow traded Raymond Felton before the trade deadline. It wouldn't have saved their season but at least they could have shed his terrible contract and spared themselves the headache of dealing with his personal life. Instead, they have to deal with the fact that their starting point guard is facing some serious gun charges knowing he's still owed the rest of his $4,180,000 for this season, $4,360,000 next season along with the $4,540,000 player option he'll surely use for the 2015-16 season.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Previously, Knicks 101 reported that Felton's wife had filed for divorce. As it turns out she also went out of her way to make sure the police knew about an unregistered, unlicensed firearm to police.

Ariane Raymondo-Felton (Yes, Raymond Felton's wife's last name is Raymondo-Felton) hand delivered a body armor-piercing handgun to police. Not only was the gun illegal but Felton will also be facing charges related to the ammo involved as well.

Larry Celona, Jamie Schram and Bob Fredericks of the New York Post reports the details of the situation.

Ariane Raymondo-Felton – who recently filed for divorce - brought the Belgian-made pistol, an FNH 5.7 x 28mm handgun, to the 20th Precinct on the Upper West Side, and the starting point guard later turned himself in for questioning, sources said.

“The wife is saying they had four verbal altercations since July last year. On the last one, he pointed a gun at her, loaded. It’s a bad ass gun,” a law enforcement source told The Post.

The gun is popular with military and police forces worldwide, and can be loaded with high-velocity ammo capable of piercing bullet-proof vests and other forms of body armor.

Another source said Felton’s gun had an illegal, 20-shot clip that was fully loaded – and had a bullet in the chamber when she handed it over.

Felton was later charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second, third and fourth-degrees after cops determined the gun was not legal, sources said.

Clearly Felton is in trouble here. How this will affect his NBA career and his place with the Knicks is currently unknown. However, if history tells us anything Felton could very well be looking at serving time over these charges. It's possible his celebrity keeps him from going behind bars but even that might not be enough in this case. The city of New York doesn't play around when it comes to gun charges.

The second and third-degree charges of criminal firearm possession are both felonies. The fourth-degree firearm possession is a misdemeanor.

When asked by The Post last week if personal issues has affected his play, Felton told reporters, “That’s my personal life. It’s your life. When you’re going through certain things in life, it’s on your mind, no matter what. You try not to let it come into your job and to your workplace but sometimes it does. You’re human. It’s part of life.’’

It can be extremely difficult to separate your personal and professional lives at times. Most try not to allow one to affect the other but it's human nature when things get crazy in one aspect of your life to have those problems leak into other areas of your existence. 

There's no way to know how much Felton's deteriorating relationship with his wife has played into his performances this season. However, it couldn't have helped.

With only 25 games left in the regular season and the Knicks likely to miss the playoffs, Felton's poor decisions with his firearm and his failing marriage could essentially end his season.

There's little doubt that the Knicks, who tried desperately to trade him before the trade deadline, will do everything in their power to rid themselves of Felton next off-season. It wouldn't even be a surprise for the Knicks to cut him in the off-season and pay him to get off their roster. However, that remains to be seen.

New York City courts wont go out of their way to be lenient on Felton. Unfortunately for him, he'll not only have to see what his future in New York is when all is said and done but he'll also likely be facing ugly divorce proceedings. For now, Felton will have to fight for his freedom. However, if his defense on the court is any indication of how he'll do defending himself in court things might not go that well him during the legal process.

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