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New York Knicks Assign Their Youngsters to D-League Affiliate Erie BayHawks

January 30th, 2014 at 10:56 AM
By Matt Agne

Before everyone goes into a panic. Believe it or not, when the New York Knicks assigned their three young prospects to the Erie BayHawks on Wednesday it was a good thing. However, that didn't reduce the shock of the news that Toure Murry, Cole Aldrich and Jeremy Tyler had been sent to the D-League.

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New Yorkers are historically impatient. New York sports fans may be the most impatient and pessimistic of them all. If New York Knicks fans aren't at the top of that list they are very close. That's why it was easy for fans to hit the panic button when the Knicks announce they're taking three of the fan-favorite prospects and sending them to the teams D-League affiliate. However, like in most circumstances, the panic was a gross over reaction.

That was the tweet that rocked the Knicks fan base on Wednesday. However, it was a good move. One that the fans would have picked up on had they not ignored the tweet that followed.

These three men have varying levels of value to the Knicks. Aldrich is probably the least exciting of these prospects and plays the least amount of time. That being said, he's shown the skills needed to be a backup in the NBA.

Murry has shown some very promising point guard skills. He's still developing in that area, as he's a natural shooting guard. However, he's shown some really nice cohesiveness with Tyler, Tim Hardaway Jr., Iman Shumpert and others. He pushes the ball up the court, plays solid defense and runs half court and fast break offenses well. Clearly though he needs to continue to work on his game.

Tyler has plenty of offensive skill. He needs to continue to work on those skills and work even harder to develop his defensive skills. However, the Knicks envision a bright future for Tyler and what he needs more than anything at this point is repetitions. That's something he and the others can get with the BayHawks.

Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN reported the production of all three players Tuesday in the Knicks victory.

Tyler had 17 points, five rebounds and two blocks in 23 minutes during a blowout win over the Celtics on Tuesday. Aldrich and Murry scored two points each in the win.

That doesn't show their value. However, that it does show is that all three were sent down to learn, develop and get work in regardless of recent production. It's not like Tyler was spared because he had a more productive game than Aldrich or Murry.
It was easy to panic when the news broke. News media didn't go out of their way to tell people the players were basically being sent down to practice on the Knicks off day. 
Instead, fans were left to feel like once again the Knicks front office was making a terrible decision and sending three young players down who should remain with the team. Certainly Murry and Tyler had been big enough contributors to never see the D-League again this season. What was Steve Mills thinking?
Well, he was thinking that these are young guys with things to work on who need reps. They don't need a day off. They need to work. This was a good move. 
Now, if it were revealed that these three were being sent to the BayHawks permanently that would be a different story. Aldrich being assigned wouldn't be that big of a deal. Honestly, if he was replaced with a vet not many would complain. If the Knicks cut him and re-signed him to a contract with the BayHawks no one would mind. However, the other two have bright futures and fans aren't trying to hear it will be elsewhere.
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