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New York Knicks’ Beno Udrih Requests Trade

January 20th, 2014 at 10:16 PM
By Matt Agne

There's little debating that the New York Knicks have had their problems this season. Not only have they struggled on the court but there's been plenty of drama between some of the players and coach Mike Woodson. One such player is backup point guard Beno Udrih. It seems Udrih has now had enough of his New York experience and requested a trade.

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The New York Knicks pushed hard to sign Beno Udrih in the off-season. He was suppose to be a super-sub backup point guard who had borderline starter skills. The interesting thing is that's pretty much been his role. He's been in the rotation, out of the rotation and also made 12 starts for the Knicks this season.

That being said, Udrih's clearly been through the ringer during his short time in New York. He's had words with Mike Woodson and found himself in and out of the rotation. His erratic playing time has led to inconsistent play. 

On top of that, Udrih was sold on coming here to play in Woodson's two point guard system. However, he's almost exclusively been used to run the offense by himself.

The fact that Woodson placed the blame for the Knicks terrible play on him certainly didn't help their relationship or make Udrih feel like he made the right choice in teams as a free agent.

Already behind Pablo Prigioni in the depth chart, Udrih has recently had to battle with youngster Toure Murry for playing time as well. That's led to Udrih requesting a trade out of New York.

Udrih is on a one-year deal worth $1,272, 279. The reality is, he's probably only worth another minimum player or two in any trade. Perhaps the Knicks could receive a second-rounder instead.

The reality is, a change of scenery would likely be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Udrih is a solid backup so there's little double he could help a team thin at the point guard position. Furthermore, the Knicks have traded many of their future draft picks so to secure on that could help the Knicks build their roster in the future could only be a positive thing.

On top of that, the Knicks have plenty of other point guards they can play. Most would love to see Raymond Felton also leave New York but the Knicks aren't lucky enough to be able to find a taker for that contract. Beyond Felton the Knicks also have Prigioni who brings a lot to the court. However, the player who can most benefit from Udrih leaving is Murry.

Murry is the youngest and most raw point guard on the roster. He brings a lot of defensive skills to the court and has shown the ability to cover both guard positions. A shooting guard in college, Murry's still developing his point guard skills and needs playing time to hone his craft.

'Beno Udrih' photo (c) 2013, Keith Allison - license: In a perfect world, the Knicks would have improved on last season's squad and Udrih would have enjoyed his part in New York's success. However, that wasn't the Knicks fate. They've struggled, their currently out of the playoff picture and Udrih has had enough of Mike Woodson and his roster of misfit toys.

Maybe everyone's better off. Hopefully the Knicks can find a taker to give Udrih a chance at more success this season, secure themselves a draft pick so they can add cheap talent through the upcoming draft and open up a roster spot to add more talent to the fold.

Perhaps the opening could allow the Knicks to take a chance on a low-risk high-reward player like Andrew Bynum. Then again, the Knicks could treat their fans to another Chris Smith tenure. Either way, an unhappy player isn't good for any team. If Udrih wants to leave the Knicks should do what they can to make that happen.

If point guard wasn't the Knicks deepest position they might not be so open to the idea of change. However, it is so sending Udrih on his way isn't something that would cripple the roster. It's too bad things haven't worked out for Udrih in New York but in the long run trading him might be a good thing for everyone involved.

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