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New York Knicks Considered Possible Suitor for Andrew Bynum

January 9th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Matt Agne

Not too long ago many NBA pundits made the argument that Andrew Bynum was the best center in basketball. The New York Knicks lack depth in their frontcourt and their starting center Tyson Chandler has been dealing with injury issues as of late. Now that Bynum can be signed for the veteran's minimum is he a fit for the Knicks? Reportedly, the Knicks are one of the top suitors for Bynum's services.

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Andrew Bynum is a very skilled big man. However, he's known for having an attitude problem and a lack of desire and love for basketball. It should be noted that he's been with two teams in the last two seasons that he never played a game for, the Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls.

Those are clearly major concerns. That being said, it's also clear that the Knicks have a major lack of depth in the frontcourt. It's also clear that the frontcourt is a weakness for the Miami Heat and the biggest strength of the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps adding Bynum to the fold could allow the Knicks to match up with those two top teams much better than they can now.

This is one of those things that could be looked at two ways. One way to look at it is, Bynum could potentially give the Knicks a big frontcourt weapon who could give the Knicks a center on the floor at all times that has to be accounted for. It could also allow Mike Woodson to play a huge lineup at times with Chandler and Bynum side by side.

However, the other way to look at it is that Bynum is a cancer and to put him in a locker room already dealing with J.R. Smith is a stupid idea. That is certainly something that has to be brought into consideration. However, any commitment the Knicks would make with Bynum would be such that he'd be easily cut.

The other issue is money. Money is always an issue isn't it? The fact is, the Knicks only have the veteran's minimum to offer Bynum at this point. He made money from his pact with the Cleveland Cavaliers so taking the minimum wouldn't be out of the question.

However, the Miami Heat who are a clear contender and have a huge hole at center still have their mid-level exception to offer Bynum. If Bynum can get that contract from the Heat he'd be foolish not to join Miami and potentially win a championship. That being said, if Miami should decide to pass on Bynum the Knicks would at least have to consider signing the big man.

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