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New York Knicks J.R. Smith Shows Immaturity in Latest “shoelace” Incident

January 7th, 2014 at 5:21 AM
By Daniel Stack

MattBritt00 / / CC BY-NC-SA

While his recent transgression was innocuous enough, New York Knicks’ guard J.R. Smith can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. You see, Smith, while at the foul line waiting for Dirk Nowitzki’s free throw in the Knicks game with the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night, crouched down and untied the shoelaces of Mavericks Shawn Marion’s sneakers.

Check the video below for visual evidence:

It’s these little things that rub people the wrong way when it comes to Smith.

Don’t be surprised if this little stunt gets Smith either suspended or lighter in the wallet.

For a guy who has taken to Twitter like a teenage girl with all his drama, Smith never seems to get the hint to grow up. Between his Twitter rants, his perceived late-night partying and wild antics, it seems the Knicks are dealing with Dennis Rodman Part 2. Hey, the blond hair is a dead giveaway.

Not to mention, all his bonehead moves on the basketball court are insanely maddening. His basketball IQ is about as low as it can get for a guy of his age and experience. You figure after 10 years in the league, Smith would get it, but he always puts himself in these compromising situations.

Again, the shoelace trick amounted to nothing, but it’s possible that Marion could have gotten injured as a result. That's not really the issue here. It’s unclear whether Smith was playing a joke (Marion certainly didn’t seem to like it) or if there was any malice. Regardless, Smith should quit it with these antics and get on the same page and act like a professional.

Photo credit: MattBritt00 / / CC BY-NC-SA

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