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New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler Planning Return Before 2013′s End

December 9th, 2013 at 11:00 PM
By Matt Agne

When Tyson Chandler broke his leg it was a season changing event for the New York Knicks. He's the Knicks starting center, their defensive anchor and he creates a lot of second chances on the offensive end by tipping the ball out to the perimeter. He's been greatly missed. His initial diagnosis was to be out four to six weeks. He's now at week five and planning to return to the court before New Year's day.

Since Tyson Chandler was lost to injury, Andrea Bargnani has started in his place. He's actually done a really nice job moving from power forward to center despite not having traditional big man skills. That being said, the team would clearly be stronger if it were able to move Bargnani back to power forward and insert Chandler into the starting center spot. Chandler's return would also allow Carmelo Anthony return to his natural position at small forward. That day may be coming sooner than later.

Barbara Barker of Newsday reports Chandler plans to make his return to the starting lineup before New Year's day.

All along Chandler was expected to be out four to six weeks. This Friday will officially be week five without Chandler on the court. His return with undoubtedly help lift the Knicks' 26th-ranked defense. That should create more possessions and help boost the offense as well.

That's something James Dolan, Mike Woodson, the players and fans are all hoping comes true. The current performances by the Knicks have been hard to watch.

Will Chandler fix all of New York's problems? Of course not, this is a flawed team who will live and die by the three-point shot. However, there's little doubt Chandler is a huge part of what the Knicks do and his impact will be felt as soon as he returns. Thankfully, that should happen soon.

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