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Jeremy Tyler Could Be Back with New York Knicks Soon

December 5th, 2013 at 1:32 PM
By Matt Agne

After breaking his foot before training camp Jeremy Tyler was cut by the Knicks. He was later acquired by the Knicks D-League affiliate and monitored closely as he rehabbed and worked his way back to health. Now Tyler is reportedly approaching full health and the ability to begin basketball activities again. That could mean Tyler rejoining the Knicks roster in the near future.

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Jeremy Tyler looked to have a bright future with the New York Knicks. He was given a chance to show his skills during summer league play. He earned a training camp invite. The franchise decided to sign him to a contract. Everything pointed towards him being in the Knicks rotation as a backup big.

However, he then broke his foot and needed surgery. That surgery cost him the entire training camp and ultimately cost him his roster spot. Still believing in him, the Knicks acquired his D-League rights from the Golden State Warriors. That allowed him to rehab in their facilities and under the watch of their doctors. Now Tyler is ready to play. He's expected to play a few games with the Erie BayHawks and get into basketball shape. When the Knicks have seen enough, he should be signed and added to their roster.

Marc Berman of The New York Post reports the Knicks hope to re-sign Tyler in the near future after he proves he's healthy and in enough shape to contribute on the NBA level.

On Sunday, the same night the Knicks lost their ninth straight game to plunge to 3-13, big man Jeremy Tyler finally made his season debut in the D-League for Erie after recovering from stress fracture surgery.

The Knicks are closely monitoring the situation and intend to re-sign Tyler once they think he’s sharp enough and in good enough shape to contribute. He is a free agent, meaning he can sign elsewhere.

According to a source, the Knicks intend to have Tyler play 3-5 games with Erie before re-signing him. That means he could be a Knick by mid-December.

Tyler returning means two things. First of all, it means the Knicks need to decide who they'll cut in order to add Tyler to the roster. The three most likely candidates are Chris Smith, Toure Murry and Cole Aldrich.

Smith is on the Knicks roster but is currently with the BayHawks. Murry is unfortunately rarely used despite the terrible level of point guard play thus far this season. That being said, Murry has promising skills and what looks like to be a solid future ahead of him so the Knicks would be wise to keep him on the roster. Aldrich has hardly played despite Tyson Chandler’s injury and when he has he's shown very little.

The other thing Tyler's return means is the Knicks will suddenly be going from little depth in their frontcourt to quite a bit of depth. Now, that doesn't mean that there wont be restrictions in the frontcourt. Clearly there are.

Andrea Bargnani might need his minutes cut down after already playing 16 games this season and averaging only 44 games a year over the previous three seasons. Kenyon Martin has been under a minutes restriction. Amare Stoudemire has been under a minutes restriction.

Add that together with Chandler and Tyler returning from injuries and the Knicks frontcourt is still fragile. However, it will be deeper and become much more of a strength than the weakness it's been thus far. Maybe with the additions of Chandler and Tyler the Knicks can compete in the paint with bigger teams and help turn this season around.

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