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Metta World Peace Vows to Fit in on New York Knicks

August 26th, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Matt Agne

Metta World Peace was one of the biggest off-season additions to the New York Knicks roster. That being said, he's coming to the Knicks from a Los Angeles Lakers squad that never seemed to play together. However, he vows that he'll be just one of the guys when he walks into the Knicks locker room.

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Metta World Peace has always been surrounded by controversy because of his colorful lifestyle but he doesn't intend on ego being a problem in New York. Instead, he intends to do all he can to bring a ring to the city no matter what role he's asked to play.

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports World Peace doesn't think winning in New York will be difficult as long as everyone falls into line and does what's needed of them.

“It’s easy when playing on a team to do exactly what the coach asks of you and do what it takes to win,’’ World Peace said yesterday on the new “Crowd Goes Wild’’ show hosted by Regis Philbin on FOX Sports 1.

“Don’t fall into the category of egos or ‘I want to be the superstar or I should get more shots.’ We need a ring. That’s all that matters.’’

In fact, World Peace says it was that lack of sacrifice and chemistry that caused the Lakers to struggle last season.

“It wasn’t fun,’’ World Peace said. “There was no chemistry. [Deceased Lakers owner] Dr. Buss was a chemist. All his molecules had great formulas. This one didn’t match up. So we kind of had no chemistry. There was no chemistry as an organization."

Asked how quickly he deleted Howard’s cell phone number after the center bolted to the Rockets, World Peace said, “Never had it.’’

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That last comment showed just how close the players were on the Lakers last season. Hopefully the Knicks won't have that problem. This team seems to take pride in getting along and being friends off the court. Clearly that wasn't the case in Los Angeles last season.

More importantly though is how the Knicks players get along on the court. For this team to outplay the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat in the East they'll all have to accept their roles and sacrifice for the better of the franchise.

That means leaving their egos at home. That means diving for loose balls, rebounding, playing defense, being smart with fouls, finding the open man and taking high percentage shots. That also means everyone, those with championship rings and those without, doing whatever Mike Woodson asks of them.

Only time will reveal if everyone is willing to do what is asked of them. For right now, World Peace is saying the right things and claiming he's on board with doing whatever is asked of him.

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