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Former New York Knicks’ Baron Davis Admits Alien Abduction was a Lie

July 19th, 2013 at 3:29 PM
By Matt Agne

While Baron Davis has had a successful NBA career he's always been a little off. Not that he isn't a nice guy but he's never been afraid to open his mouth to teammates, fans, owners and the media alike. Recently he made news on a Podcast, as reported here at Knicks 101, saying he'd been a victim of an alien abduction. Now he's admitting that was an attempt to hold court with the two comedian hosts.

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Sometimes in life you're put on the spot to be funny or tell a story and you end up making a fool of yourself. That's exactly what happened to former New York Knicks' point guard Baron Davis on a Podcast show recently. Trying to think of something funny to say he came up with a story about being abducted by aliens. Little did he know that would be cause for a lot of attention.

Alex Raskin of reports Davis admitted the story was an ad-lib fairytale to spice up his radio spot. 

In speaking with MSG's Alan Hahn, Davis confirmed he wasn't serious about the incident.

"I mean if you know me," Davis said, before deciding against finishing the obvious statement.

"I mean, you go on a podcast with two comedians, two funny guys and it's like, 'Hey, I' need to come with like a funny story'," Davis said on MSG, as quoted by Hahn. "Not thinking I was that important to the world, not even knowing that alien abductions are important to the world, just kind of making a joke."

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So there you have it, a lot was made about nothing. He was simply having a good time on a radio spot ran by comedians and he was trying to hold his own. That being said, next time he tries to come up with a story it's doubtful he'll go back to the whole alien thing again. Clearly that draws far too much attention from the rest of the world.

At this point, Davis would like nothing more than to leave his comedy career in the past and focus on getting into the best shape he possibly came in hopes of returning to the NBA. He's hoping to showcase himself for teams in September or October and sign with a team for the season.

Could the Knicks be an option? Well, they'll probably look at him if for no other reason than the fact they've helped him throughout his entire rehab and have kept him around as an advisor. That being said, it's unlikely Davis is a candidate to fill the Knicks third point guard spot. That will likely go to Bobby Brown or Toure Murry. In fact, both could end up making the final squad. But that, like Davis' future, remains to be seen.

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