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New York Knicks Change Orange Alternate Jersey

July 7th, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Matt Agne

Last season the New York Knicks unveiled orange alternate jersey's that made it seem like your television was having a major problem with it's color sensor. They looked like bright flashes of Fanta soda bottles when players were on fast breaks. What's worse, you could barely tell who was who unless the camera got close enough to their faces. Knicks fans had finally gotten the orange alternate jersey they'd been screaming for and once it was a reality fans wished it was still a fantasy. Well it appears the Knicks and Adidas have corrected the orange on orange problem and changed the numbers and lettering to blue. The outcome is much more kind to the eye.

'Orange' photo (c) 2011, Josu�?�© Goge - license:

This is one of those times when social media is an amazing thing for fans. Why? Because once again a player posted something they weren't supposed to. Wednesday, Iman Shumpert posted a picture to his Instagram account of a new and improved Knicks jersey with orange as its prime color.

We don't yet know when or where the Knicks will officially make an announcement about the jerseys but the fact Shumpert had to take the picture down would lead you to believe the Knicks weren't ready to let the world know they had a new alternate jersey for the 2013-14 season.

Hopefully Shumpert won't get in trouble for this gift he gave to Knicks fans but it wouldn't be the first time he stirred up trouble with Adidas. He was told to shave the Adidas symbol off his head last season as well. That was a league issue. This would be an internal team issue. Troy Machir of Sporting News speculates that Adidas may not have been ready to reveal the look. However, you can see it by clicking on the link above.

Clearly they are having a photo shoot with their young popular star because they intend to let the world know about the changes to the alternate jersey at some point. It just doesn't seem like this was when they had planned on doing it.

That being said, what an improvement. On Christmas they wore their orange on orange jerseys. The reviews from fans were mixed. Most were pleased to finally have an orange jersey to buy but why the orange lettering? We know it's cool nowadays to have jerseys all one color but these jerseys could be seen from the moon!

The majority of Knicks fans didn't understand why the lettering and numbers weren't blue. Would they basically be rip off Syracuse Orangemen jerseys? Yes, but who cares? Not only do the Knicks have the best Orangemen basketball player of all time but they are a professional team as compared to a college team. There's nothing holding the Knicks back from having similar jerseys to a college program in the same state.

Well, it seem Adidas and the Knicks heard the voice of the fans and agreed a change was needed. These new jerseys are more practical and much easier on the eyes. When will we see them debut? Honestly, no one knows yet. We're not even supposed to know these jerseys exist yet.

However, these should definitely be brought out at some point during the 2013-14 season. You know James Dolan will be happy to take your money for the chance to dress like your favorite player so start saving now because the New York Knicks finally have orange alternate jerseys that everyone can love.

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