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Former New York Knicks Point Guard Mike Bibby Ejected from Son’s Game

February 14th, 2013 at 4:48 PM
By Matt Agne

'Mike Bibby' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license: Mike Bibby is just like any other parent. He's proud of his son and loves to watch him play high school basketball. Since he had so much success in the sport it must be the highlight of his retirement to watch his son's early career. Unfortunately for Bibby, most professionals think they know more about their sport simply because they played it successfully. Sometimes that mind-set can get you in trouble. Recently that mentality cost Bibby the chance to watch his son play after being asked to leave.

Mike Bibby is a 6'2", 195 pound point guard from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After attending high school at Shadow Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona and attended University of Arizona from 1996-98. He was selected second overall by the Vancouver Grizzlies in the 1998 NBA Draft.

He played for the Grizzlies from 1998-2001, the Sacramento Kings from 2001-08, the Atlanta Hawks from 2008-11, the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat in 2011 and the New York Knicks from 2011-12.

He became an NCAA champion in 1997, was the Pac-10 Player of the Year and a Consensus NCAA All-American First Team player in 1998, an NBA All-Rookie First Team player in 1999 and won a gold medal on Team USA in San Juan at the FIBA Americas Championships in 2003. 

Bibby is no longer in the NBA and living in Phoenix, Arizona where he's become a regular watching his son Michael play basketball for Mike's alma mater, Shadow Mountain in Phoenix. However, not all games end the same. Recently a game ended earlier for Bibby than it did for his son. Since Bibby couldn’t stop arguing with the referees he got himself ejected and subsequently escorted out by police. Surely that made his son proud.

It must be very cool having a dad who's a former NBA player and state legend. Clearly, his dad must be one of the more popular parents in town. On the other, his dad doesn't seem to mind making a spectacle of himself and embarrassing his kid in front of his friends and peers. Bibby's son must be very torn on how to feel about his father. In the aftermath Bibby seemed very proud of himself as he soaked in ovation from a packed gym of teenagers.

Paul Calcisi of reports the events of the night.

As usual, Bibby was in the stands for this sectional game. He was arguing with the refs until he was forced to leave with a police escort, thereby creating quite the memorable moment – for all the wrong reasons.

It is interesting that just a week or so after rumors started to circle that Bibby was looking to return to the NBA that he would make news acting like a stage parent. Someone with Bibby's experience and age should know better. He may have been right and the referees could have been doing a poor job but this was suppose to be his son's moment. Bibby is no longer in high school and should act like it.

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