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Sundays New York Knicks Game in Jeopardy Because of Snow

February 8th, 2013 at 4:52 PM
By Matt Agne

There's already plenty of people concerned about the possibility of poor weather during next years Super Bowl in New Jersey but it isn't often that rain, ice or snow is a factor in professional basketball. However, the snow storm that is currently devastating the east coast has the NBA wondering if Sundays contest in Madison Square Garden between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers will be able to take place as scheduled.

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The New York Knicks have a game Friday night in Minnesota against the Timberwolves. The Los Angeles Clippers also play Friday night in Miami against the Heat. Normally both teams to fly to New York Friday night after their games and be in the city all day Saturday. That's NBA protocol leading up to a Sunday afternoon nationally televised showdown. However, Mother Nature did not get that memo.

It's looking like the winter storm has other plans for the Northeast. One way or another this weekend will come but it's possible that no one will be coming or going from the Northeast till at least Monday.

The NBA is usually very hesitant to cancel any games. They are even more hesitant to cancel nationally televised games. The fact that this is a marquee game will make it even tougher for David Stern if he's forced to cancel the contest.

That being said, the league did postpone the first scheduled game in the Nets new Barclays Center in Brooklyn against the Knicks after the area had suffered major damage from hurricane Sandy. There is little doubt that the league will be monitoring the Weather Channel this weekend.

Marc Berman of the New York Daily News reports that Knicks head coach Mike Woodson said is worried about the status of the showdown against the Clippers Sunday.

Woodson said if they still can’t fly into New York Saturday morning, he will hold a “shootaround practice’’ here in Minnesota. The Clippers are also having travel issues in getting into New York after their game in Miami also on Friday night.

“If we can’t get back there because of the snow we just got to adjust,’’ Woodson said. “Let’s just hope the game’s not cancelled. That’s my whole thing.’’

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The contest between the Gotham Lob and Lob City will not be the only one in jeopardy. Boston is in the direct path of the storm and the Celtics are scheduled to host the Denver Nuggets Sunday evening. Boston beat the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday night and are already home but Denver still needs to fly to Boston following their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday evening.

Sundays Brooklyn Nets game will also be at risk. Friday night the Nets face the Wizards in Washington. While that isn't a long flight if no planes are allowed to land it doesn't matter how far teams need to travel. However, even if they are able to get in their opponent for Sunday is the San Antonio Spurs who also play Friday. They'll be in Detroit during the evening playing the Pistons. That mean both teams have to travel to Brooklyn through the snow if the game is going to take place.

That's three games that are potentially at risk of cancelation this weekend. That won't make the NBA happy. That's bad for business. However, if there is one thing human kind has learned over its existence it's that we can not control nature. Mother Nature is most definitely in charge.

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