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Has New York Knicks Guard J.R. Smith Found Love?

December 14th, 2012 at 2:47 PM
By Matt Agne

This Knicks 101 writer has affectionately nicknamed J.R. Smith "The Enigma" because of his ability to play like a superstar one minute and absolutely frustrate you the next. Well his enigmatic lifestyle continues. This season he has been more focused on his career and spending less time in the clubs and enjoying New York nightlife. However, now that he's rekindled his relationship with a lost love that focus may be in jeopardy.

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Kimberly Michelle Pate is a singer/songwriter of R&B and Soul music better known by her stage name K. Michelle. She gained most of her fame as a cast member on season one of VH1's reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Musically, K. Michelle received notoriety with a single featuring Missy Elliott called Fakin' It in 2009. In November 2012, she signed a new deal with Warner Bros. Records. She has an album and reality show scheduled for sometime in the Summer of 2013.

Well beyond being outspoken against domestic violence and being a singer apparently K. Michelle also had a relationship with J.R. Smith at some point. It must be something with the initials. In a recent interview on Hot 97 she divulged information about being at fault the ending of their relationship and her desire to rekindle her love with the Knicks star. 

Once I had a taste of that real, I don’t want nobody else. I messed up. It is what it is. If he don’t come back, [at least I know] I went out with a bang. I did my best. But at least I went for the person that I genuinely care for.

One thing is clear, the woman has a very nice voice. Regardless, it would seem that not only is K. Michelle very blunt but she's also very open about her feelings for the Knicks sixth man. It seems that the feelings may be mutual.

The two were spotted at the Kiss & Fly nightclub after the Knicks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 116-107. They were dancing, kissing and cuddling out in the open. Neither were afraid to hide from the public and that became even more evident when the two went to Twitter later that night.

Smith used his Twitter account to make sure everyone in the world knew he was bringing K. Michelle home for the night.

Hello world @kmichelle is going home with me! #hoodlove

K. Michelle then chimed in on her Twitter account to confirm Smith's Tweet.

u damn right baby me and you against the world! keep hating

'JR Smith of the #knicks #jrsmith' photo (c) 2012, Jay Santiago - license:

Who knows how long this love will last but it is good to see two young people enjoying one another. That being said, lets also hope that this doesn't take away from Smith's focus on the court and lead to him rekindling his night life.

He has thrived under Mike Woodson and even talked earlier this season about how he's cut back on clubbing this season. It's shown on the court. The Knicks will need him to continue to put his career ahead of his social life if that is going to continue.

For the most part, a happy home usually equals a more productive and focused player. That's something Knicks fans hope to see out of the newly married Amare Stoudemire upon his return. However, this is dating. This isn't marriage. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Lets just hope that Smith finds as much peace off the court as he's found on the court this season and that both sides of his life continue to thrive.

Credit to Necole for the scoop.

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