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New York Knicks Rapid Fire Thoughts

December 1st, 2012 at 8:00 AM
By Matt Agne

This years New York Knicks team is a very good one. They are veterans, which is to say the roster is old, but they are very unselfish and all have their eyes on the ultimate goal of a championship. Could you imagine a Knicks parade down the Canyon of Hero's? Forget the Yankees and Giants who have both taking that route recently enough for fans to remember. This is a basketball town, if the Knicks can ever finish their championship drought it will be the talk of the town like most have never seen. That being said, the Knicks have their issues like any other team. Lets take a look at some of them and how the team will deal with them.

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Tommy Dee runs one of the best New York Knicks websites on the internet. Thanks to the power of SNY and their blog network the website's reader population has grown and grown. The blog is free and is filled with posts, polls, videos and more. Here is one of those quality videos talking about the state of the Knicks and the issues the team has to deal with.

First of all, Amare Stoudemire is an issue. We've talked many times about if he works with Carmelo Anthony, if he should start when he returns or if he should become the single most powerful weapon off the bench in the entire NBA. it's nice to know that he's at least open to doing whatever Mike Woodson and the franchise believes is best for the team. Perfect summation, "Don't upset the apple cart."

Second, Jason Kidd is a huge part of this team. He's a coach on the floor and the man who gets the team to run correctly. He creates proper spacing on the floor, gets his teammates lined up correctly and gives the Knicks a unique two point guard look that most NBA teams can't match.

Third, Pablo Prigioni could be just as big of a part of this team as Kidd is. He has the experience, the basketball IQ and some of the most unselfish point guard skills you'll see in the NBA. There will be times where Kidd can't play. Prigioni will have to be able to step up, despite his age, and fill that void throughout the season.

Fourth, Woodson has done an unbelievable job coaching this season. He has got to be one of the leading candidates for Coach of the Year. That remains to be seen, however, no one can deny that he has changed the culture and turned this team into one of the better defensive clubs in the NBA.

'Tommy Dee from the Knicks Blog' photo (c) 2009, Bryan Horowitz - license:

Shout out to Tommy Dee's beard. Well done sir.

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