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Special Report: New York Knicks Total Effects of Hurricane Sandy

November 3rd, 2012 at 5:12 PM
By Rebecca Pierce

The New York Knicks are leading the charge in resuming normalcy in the Big Apple in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The Knicks played against the Miami Heat last night and were therefore the first NYC pro sports team to play a scheduled game after the damages caused by the Superstorm Sandy. The Knicks were inspired by the strength of their fans and ended up winning 104-84 against the skeptical Heat.

Although the long-anticipated Knicks vs. newly-moved Brooklyn Nets game was postponed until November 26, the Knicks still played against Miami in what became their home opener. Miami Heat star, Dwayne Wade even donated to the Relief Fund, after making it known that he felt uncomfortable playing in the City when so many were suffering.

While many thought it would be best to postpone games because of the issues with public transportation and the using up of resources, it was clear that some normalcy was exactly what New Yorkers needed. While it was a little concerning that there were so many empty seats, fans eventually made it in to cheer on the squad, and the crowd was reportedly of sold out proportions.

Unfortunately it is difficult to forget all the damages so soon, when almost 1 million New Yorkers are still experiencing hardships due to the storm. The waterfront area of Manhattan was severely flooded Monday night, while most areas south of 34th street lost power. Many subway lines were flooded and shut down due to the storm, which made it more difficult for fans to make it to Madison Square Garden. Luckily, no apparent damages were suffered by the newly renovated MSG. Busses began running as usual on Wednesday, giving fans an alternative mode of transport to support the team. As of today, many are still without power, while about 80% of the subway system has been restored.

To help out your fellow New York Knicks fans by donating to the Relief, text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. Clothes and shoes are also needed for those whose homes were flooded and burned down in the storm!

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