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New York Knicks’ Iman Shumpert Excited Over Triangle Offense

August 27th, 2014 at 7:10 PM
By Matt Agne

New York Knicks fans tend to be very opinionated about Iman Shumpert. Some still believe he'll be a star. Other's believe he's an overrated flop. Most will agree that he's a good defender. However, everyone knows this shortcomings are on the offensive end. That's why he's excited to show what he can do in the triangle offense.

'New York Knicks' photo (c) 2013, Keith Allison - license:

Iman Shumpert is tired of standing in the corner. Offensively, he's primarily been used by the New York Knicks as a spot-up three-point shooter. That's about to change.

Phil Jackson disciple, Derek Fisher, is already installing the triangle offense as New York's new system. As long as everyone buys into the needed ball movement this system could really benefit Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Andrea Bargnani, Amare Stoudemire, Pablo Prigioni and Shumpert.

Ohm Youngmisuk and Ian Begley of ESPNNewYork report that Shumpert is excited to know he'll have something to do besides stand in the corner hoping for open shots.

"The way it's set up, you can start three guards, it really doesn't matter. Everybody's going to get touches, everybody gets opportunities to cut," Shumpert said of the triangle offense. "It's constant action going on. So I think that I'll be able to capitalize on that and I'll be able to use my athleticism a lot more than standing in the corner.

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Former New York Knicks’ Guard Shannon Brown Joins Miami Heat

August 27th, 2014 at 6:22 PM
By Matt Agne

Shannon Brown was out of the NBA when the New York Knicks called him to join the team. He was thankful for the chance to continue his NBA career and joined the end of the Knicks bench to finish out last season. Now he's signed a one-year contract to play for the Miami Heat next season.

Some may have thought Shannon Brown's NBA career was over. Instead he was given another chance to play when the New York Knicks called him to join them at the end of last season.

He joined the team and got minimal playing time to show what he had left. He was then kept on throughout the summer so he could get in NBA shape, help Derek Fisher introduce the triangle offense and get a chance to display his talents for the rest of the league during Summer League play.

It worked out for the Knicks since Brown helped get the younger players up to speed with the triangle offense. It also worked out for Brown since he was able to stir up interest from other teams.

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New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith Knows Team Cant Afford Egos

August 26th, 2014 at 6:18 PM
By Matt Agne

Leave it to J.R. Smith to be the voice of reason. While most have been waiting for the New York Knicks to make a trade and shed at least one of their shooting guards, Smith is glad everyone's still in New York. However, he knows for it to work with so many talented shooting guards on the roster it will take everyone putting the team ahead of individual needs.

While most thought it was laughable that J.R. Smith wants to become one of the New York Knicks leaders. However, the idea isn't that crazy. Obviously some of his behavior on and off the court needs to chance but he's the Knicks second scoring option and the most accomplished shooting guard on the roster.

The fact is that Smith, Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. all have an impact on the Knicks. Another fact is if the Knicks are going to succeed next season it's going to be because all three make their impacts felt. In order to do that, they'll need to work through the shooting guard logjam and put the team ahead of their egos.

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Retired New York Knicks’ Patrick Ewing Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Awareness (Video)

August 25th, 2014 at 6:15 PM
By Doug Rush

Last week, former Chicago Bulls and current Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge laid out to him from Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and Jordan challenged the entire 1992 Dream Team, plus Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Part of that historic Olympic team was former New York Knicks center and current Hornets assistant coach Patrick Ewing, who accepted and completed Jordan's challenge.

In Ewing's video and challenge, he nominated his former college coach from Georgetown, John Thompson as well as current New York Knicks and New York Rangers owner James Dolan.

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral to create awareness and donations for ALS, over $55 million has been raised from athletes, celebrities and people all around the word to help end Lou Gehrig's Disease.

For those who want to help donate to the cause to help end ALS, you can follow the link to their website.

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Former New York Knicks’ Forward Shawne Williams Signs with Miami Heat

August 24th, 2014 at 1:12 PM
By Matt Agne

The Miami Heat gave Michael Beasley a second chance last offseason. They signed the former number two selection to a veteran’s minimum contract. However, it appears Pat Riley and the Heat are done with Beasley. While there's still a chance Miami re-signs him, all signs point towards Beasley playing elsewhere next season. They even gave his jersey number away to newly signed former New York Knicks' forward Shawne Williams.

When the New York Knicks signed troubled forward Shawne Williams most didn't know if he could even make the roster. He did. In fact, he was an impact player for the Knicks because of his defensive diversity and his ability to knock down three-point shots.

Williams used that success to land a sizable contract with the New Jersey Nets. He then played basketball overseas, with the Los Angeles Lakers and will now suit up for the Heat.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, he's a small forward who could have been a nice fit both on the court and salary-wise with the Knicks playing behind Carmelo Anthony. He's now off the free agent market.

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