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New York Jets Have a Gem in Greg Salas

August 26th, 2014 at 2:08 PM
By Mario Scipioni

Everyone loves a good underdog story, which is why New York Jets wide receiver Greg Salas is so easy to cheer for. He may not be the fastest, have the best hands, or be the most talented receiver on the field, but he has proven this preseason that he is worthy of a roster spot and can really contribute to the team.

At the beginning of training camp, many would have probably written off Greg Salas and not given him a shot to make the team, especially with the signings they made in free agency and the receivers they selected in the draft. Despite that, Salas has been one of the most impressive players on the team since camp started, and it has translated onto the field. So far in the 2014 preseason, he has caught four passes for 53 yards and scored a touchdown on a pass from Matt Simms. At a time when the wide receiver position has been such a huge question mark, Salas has delivered whenever he has had the opportunity.

Based off of what Salas has shown this summer, there is no reason that he should not make the team. His ability to come up big and make plays has been impressive. While he may not exactly be ready to be a starting receiver in the NFL just yet, the Jets may want to see where he is now and where he can go. With the proper coaching and development, Salas could really be something special for the team. His 2013 numbers will not amaze anyone (eight receptions for 143 yards), but with the passing attack showing signs of improvement and Geno Smith looking like a more efficient quarterback, the Jets and their fans may be in for a treat with Salas.
To put it simply, the Jets have found a gem in Greg Salas. No one expected him to make the noise he is making or perform the way he has been. The memo to the Jets should be to hold onto him and give him the chance to grow into an effective player. With offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg putting together a rising offense and the depth of talent that the Jets are trying to build on the roster, Salas will have a lot of people and resources to learn from and have the motivation to improve his skills.
With one preseason game left before the regular season starts, Salas can really put an exclamation point on his audition. He has already made a great impression and done enough to make the team, but he can also convince those who are not quite sold on him yet. Expect to see number 17 ready to go and contribute in some form when the Jets host the Oakland Raiders in their season opener on September 7th.

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