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New York Jets’ Willie Colon on Dimitri Patterson: Maybe We Need to Leave Him Behind

August 25th, 2014 at 11:39 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Monday, the New York Jets decided to suspend cornerback Dimitri Patterson indefinitely after he went missing for two days with no notice to the team and missed their preseason game against the New York Giants on Friday.

Patterson did return to the team and talked things over with John Idzik and Rex Ryan, but clearly they were unhappy with his decision to bail on the team with no notice, which is why they handed down the suspension this close to the regular season. Even though Patterson wasn't cut from the team just yet, his future has to be in doubt, especially by pulling a stunt like that in a time where the Jets can't afford to lose anymore defensive backs.

One of Patterson's teammates felt that maybe he does deserve to be cut as a result of this; as Willie Colon; Jets starting guard, said that it might be best for the Jets if they let him go.

“I think it’s more of his issue,” said right guard Willie Colon. “I think the team is in good spirits right now. We’re excited about getting ready to start the season. I think right now, we understand that we have a good thing with us, and if somebody is not willing to be on the train with us, then maybe they just need to be left behind and we move on. I don’t know enough about him or his situation to really speculate about it. It’s weird, but it’s his situation. We’ve got bigger fish to fry right now."
What's strange about Patterson's situation is that he's not some young kid who made a mistake and can chalk it up to not knowing any better; Patterson's 31 years old and in his 10th year in the league, so this kind of behavior is certainly odd to see coming from a veteran, much less a veteran that the Jets were depending on to start at the beginning of the season.
Colon though, did say that he would welcome Patterson back to the team if the Jets did just that, but he, along with many others, would want an explaination as to what happened.
“I think if there is something where it’s: ‘Hey, man, I was having a moment or a bad day or I was going through something,’ say that,” Colon said. “Every teammate who puts their hand in the pile deserves an explanation to some degree. You don’t have to go into detail, but there’s a level of accountability we have to answer to.”
The Jets signed Patterson to a one-year, $3 million deal in the offseason to help bring experience to a group that lacks it, but with the latest chain of events, who knows if he even makes it to the regular season.

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