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New York Jets’ Michael Vick on Being a Backup: It’s an Opportunity for Me to Refresh

August 22nd, 2014 at 11:28 AM
By Douglas Rush

Unlike last year, there may not be a quarterback controversy for the New York Jets, which is extremely surprising given the fact that the one is a former superstar and not even a year removed from being a full-time starter.

When the Jets signed Michael Vick after releasing Mark Sanchez following five seasons with the team, many thought Vick would be a serious challenger to incumbent Geno Smith, who went through his growing pains as an NFL rookie last season, yet, got the Jets to an 8-8 finish.

After all, Vick was the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and he only surrendered the position to Nick Foles because of the injuries suffered over the years and the final one in the middle of the season did Vick in, along with his tenure in Philadelphia, which is why he's now in New York and Mark Sanchez is Foles' backup.

But despite some thinking Vick could be the starter when the season began, it's clearly looking like Smith will be the guy, barring a serious injury of course and Vick sounds like a guy who has accepted what his fate will be in 2014, which is that of a veteran backup.

"The last five years I spent in Philly, I had some great years and played in some great games and went through a lot. Now it’s an opportunity for me to refresh myself and take a step back away from the game. I don’t want that. It’s just — I’m kind of relishing the moment that I’m in right now. I am not required to have to do a lot. Preserving my body right now is very important to me, and making sure I can make a strong push late in my career in case I am needed.”

Last year, the Jets could have used Vick if he were healthy (which he wasn't) when Smith went through some terrible stretches of struggling, which is considered normal for a rookie. And the truth is, if Smith struggles again in 2014, or if he gets hurt, Vick has a prime opportunity to play as a starter for the Jets. Either way, Vick said playing with the Jets is a no pressure situation for him.

“I’m at a very good place. Very relaxed. Things are more laid back right now as far as football, and off the field. No stress, no pressure. Even though, when you play football, there is always some sort of pressure. But at this stage of my career, I’m just trying to refresh and regroup and see where it takes me.”

Unlike in Atlanta or even Philadelphia where he was looked at the guy, Vick doesn't need to be the face of the franchise quarterback and can just be, while helping Smith along the way. And if needed, he can still strap it on and show the Jets that he still has something left in the tank.

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