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The New York Jets and Eric Decker

August 15th, 2014 at 10:05 AM
By Anthony Pasinella

What is the definition of a number one receiver? In theory, all 32 NFL teams should have one. Do the New York Jets have a number one wide receiver? By all NFL expert and fan base accounts, the true definition is clearly in the eye of the beholder. The signing of Eric Decker to the New York Jets this offseason has made for great debate across the NFL, but what does the term number one wide receiver even mean?

The New York Jets went into the 2013 NFL season with a wide receiver group that even their own players couldn't make a case for. The group was led by former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes. Long live the days of 2009, when Holmes brought an energy to a stagnant offense in desperate need of his play making ability. Turn the page to 2014, and what the Jets have now is something completely different. They have a group of young wide receivers,that are nowled by a very experienced, very productive, very respectable leader who can show the rest of the Jets what to do and how to act at all times.

Eric Decker was the biggest catch at wide receiver this offseason and it came as a complete surprise that he chose to call East Rutherford his home for the next five years. Many experts had Decker resigning with the Broncos long term to continue catching passes from future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. With Manning and the Broncos Decker amassed over 2,300 yards in two full seasons, while also scoring 24 TD's. Decker's scoring ability is something the Jets sorely lacked. It seems fitting that he now plays for a team desperate to score more points.

Decker not only brings his pass catching and scoring ability to the Jets, but he also brings something more valuable. He brings leadership to a wide receiver room that has been lacking it for years. Rumors have always swirled, that former New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes did not have an interest in leading the younger players on the team. Holmes’ me-first persona echoed through his play on the field and in the classroom. Holmes was released after the 2013 season and it comes to no surprise that no team has given him a contract as of yet.

Young Jet receivers such as Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evans, Quincy Enunwa, Clyde Gates, Jacoby Ford, and Greg Salas all have not had the level of success Decker has achieved thus far in their careers. Decker can show them all how to become professionals as well as very productive receivers at the same time. He can show them how to run better routes, how to get separation from the defenders, and how to do the one thing the Jets need the most, which is to score touchdowns.

So the question remains, do the New York Jets have a number one wide receiver? What Eric Decker brings to the Jets goes beyond just the field. Not only does he bring production and skill, but most importantly he brings leadership to a team craving just that. If you ask any Jet fan, they will surely tell you with 100 percent confidence that they have a number one receiver. Even if the rest of the NFL “experts” say otherwise.

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