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New York Jets’ Sheldon Richardson on Playing Cincinnati Bengals: We Owe Them One

August 14th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

Last October, the Cincinnati Bengals rubbed the New York Jets faces in the dirt from start to finish and pummeled them 49-9.

By the time the first quarter was over, the Bengals were up 14-0 and by the time halftime rolled around, it was 28-6 in favor of the Bengals and Andy Dalton had already thrown for four touchdown passes; he ended the day with five.

The Jets defense hasn't forgotten the pounding at the hands of the Bengals from that late October night and Jets star defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson told the media on Thursday that he hasn't forgotten it and they are looking to dish out some payback come Saturday when the Jets and Bengals meet again in the preseason.

"We owe them one," defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson told the Jets' website. "We owe them one big time." He also said, "That was pretty much the only team that dog-walked this defense like that."

While the competitive nature of Richardson is clearly on display there, it is after all, only the preseason and the game is virtually meaningless with the exception of those players trying to compete for a roster spot. Jets head coach Rex Ryan didn't quite say they owed the Bengals one, but he does remember the team getting their tails kicked and wants to play a much better game when they return to Cincinnati on Saturday.

"You know, did we get our tails kicked last time we were up there? We absolutely did," he said. "I think the competitor in you — from a coach, from a player — you don’t like that. The fact that we have a lot of guys, however many guys are playing, it’s a little different feel. Obviously, preseason guys are trying to win jobs. It’s not just about the team or whatever. I mean, I don’t know if it is more motivation, but you certainly want to account for yourself better than we did the last time."

While it's unlikely that the Bengals will put up 49 points again on the Jets in this week's preseason game, the Jets are going to try and make a much better showing than the one they put forth this past October which lead to a 40-point loss.

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