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Donovan McNabb Thinks New York Jets Should Scrap ‘Garbage’ Wildcat Option Under Michael Vick, Geno Smith

August 13th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Some offenses have used the Wildcat formation offense and at times, it has worked, but like many different trend offenses that people try to bring from high school or college into the pros, they tend to fade out like another fashion.

The Jets have been one team over the last couple of seasons to use the Wildcat offense on some plays and for the most part, it hasn't had the best success rate. The Jets have two quarterbacks in the league that because of their speed, have the capability of pulling off such plays in it with Geno Smith and veteran Michael Vick.

However, one of Vick's former teammates and good friends in retired Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said that the Jets should scrap the entire Wildcat offense altogether and thinks the system is nothing but garbage.

“The Jets tried this whole garbage with Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez and it got them nowhere,” McNabb told the New York Daily News.  “In the situation now, I think it takes away from what Geno Smith can do. It’s a maturity process for him to try to develop into an NFL quarterback. Now you’re taking him off the field or splitting him wide to bring in a 34-year-old quarterback?  To do what?  I understand the ‘wow’ effect, but it’s not a good thing for either quarterback.”

Back when the Eagles signed Vick after his almost two year stay in prison for the dog fighting charges, Philadelphia started to implement Wildcat offense plays, something McNabb was not a fan of and just didn't want to run so long as he was the quarterback of the team.

“I didn’t agree with the whole deal,” McNabb said of the Eagles’ use of the Wildcat.  “I think it messes up the flow of any offense. . . . I thought most of the trick plays that we ran, we could have done in our normal base offense.  Of course, I wanted Mike to have an opportunity to get out on the field . . . [but] when you have an established quarterback [like me] . . . no one would have asked Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to do that.”

It is kind of ironic that the year after the Eagles signed Vick and started implementing the Wildcat offense into their system based arounf Vick, McNabb was then traded out of town to the Washington Redskins. 

It's also kind of interesting about his comments on teams that only use the Wildcat because of not having an established quarterback on the team; guess he doesn't see the Jets having that on the team with either Vick or Smith.

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