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New York Jets: What We Learned from Preseason Matchup Against Indianapolis Colts

August 8th, 2014 at 7:29 PM
By Mario Scipioni

It was a hard-fought preseason contest, but the New York Jets prevailed over the Indianapolis Colts 13-10.  With all the storylines that have been playing out for the past few months, there was a lot to look forward to from every position.  This game taught us a bit about the Jets so far.



Geno Smith seems more comfortable and should be the starter: From watching the game, Geno Smith does not seem to have lost a step from his strong performance from the end of last season.  He did a good job of taking care of the football and avoiding risky decisions. Although he was not spectacular, his performance was good enough for the coaches and fans to be satisfied.  As cliche as it has become, it really is Smith's job to lose.

The front seven will be deadly: It was well-known that the Jets were going to have a strong front seven, especially with the depth they have there.  The way they looked and performed was unbelievable.  This team looks like it may have an even better rushing defense in 2014 than last year.  Even though they did play against a team with a weak offensive line, they brought great pressure and made it difficult for the Colts to run the ball.

The Jets have a lot of security at tight end: All three tight ends that played did their jobs well.  Jeff Cumberland will likely continue to be a good security blanket for Geno Smith.  Also, Zach Sudfeld showed what all the positive talk about him has been about, and Jace Amaro had some nice plays himself.  The tight ends have plenty of talent and favorable size that will greatly benefit the Jets and have them ready to go for all scenarios.

There are still some concerns in the secondary: As speculated, Dee Milliner played a strong game and nearly intercepted a pass.  The rest of the secondary was not as up to par.  While there were some good plays from Ellis Lankster and Dexter McDougle, the secondary was not exactly superb.  Time will make everything better as the year goes on, but right now, the secondary still has some pieces in their puzzle left to solve.

Overall, the Jets played a good game and answered some questions for fans and critics.  There will indeed be plenty more revealed, especially since Gang Green will be playing some good teams for the rest of the preseason.

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