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New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Should not Tone Down Outspoken Personality

July 30th, 2014 at 12:50 PM
By Mario Scipioni

Any writer, reporter, and fan will tell you that it is never a dull moment with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.  His personality, which has consisted of several bold statements and predictions, has made him both likeable and hated.  Should he tone it down?  Of course not.



It is understandable why people would want Ryan to keep his mouth shut.  He has made many statements, especially Super Bowl guarantees, that have backfired and made him look like a fool.  As a result, the Jets have become white noise to many and anything they say is not taken seriously.  Despite how silly they have looked because of it, it is what Jets fans love deep down and helps the players perform better.

Ryan says he has no problem with what his players say, and that should not be an issue.  He is confident in himself as well as his players, and will do whatever he can to support them.  That makes his players trust him and want to give their all.  If players cannot find a common ground with their coach, then distance is created.  

While many may see Ryan's comments as arrogant and boastful, he is trying to encourage his players to be confident.  Common sense would tell anyone that if you feel confident, you will usually perform better.  Look at each season in Ryan's tenure.  When he was loud and the team chatted it up, they flourished.  When he tried to maintain his personality, the team was not as entertaining to watch and was not as good.  One could also make the joke and argument about his weight loss.

As smart as it is to be realistic, the Jets should say what they feel.  Whether it is Dee Milliner saying he is the best corner in the NFL, which just about everyone will disagree with, or Calvin Pace saying the Jets will have the top defense in 2014, which is not to far fetched, they should not be afraid.  It shows they do not care about what anyone says, which is a step in the right direction.  There is obviously a big risk involved in saying such things, but this team does not want to remain under the same label it has had for the last few decades.

Yes, John Idzik is changing the culture of the team and running the show a lot differently than Mike Tannenbaum did.  However, he is not going to force Rex Ryan to stop being who he is.  Ryan brings a dynamic to the Jets that no other coach has ever brought to the team.  Being one of the team's greatest head coaches ever, why should he stop?

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