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New York Jets GM John Idzik Changing the Culture

July 28th, 2014 at 1:36 PM
By Anthony Pasinella

The 2014 installment of the New York Jets are something, as Jets fans, we couldn't’ even have imagined only a few years back. Long live the days of the Mark Sanchez off-season gossip column or the guaranteed Super Bowl exclamations by the most talkative in your face coach of the past decade. What Jet fans are left with is something completely different than what they have ever known before. They are left with the hope that General Manager John Idzik can turn this whole ship around.

The first season of John Idzik’s tenure as General Manager of the New York Jets came with much scrutiny. He took over a team that year after year had guaranteed the ultimate prize and had never delivered. He took over a team with aging, overpriced veterans that wanted to talk to the media about anything and everything. He took over a team that still had Tim Tebow on the roster. Even with all of the outside distractions and the off chance Florham Park may self-destruct at any moment, John Idzik brought his quiet, calm, self-confident bravado to a team in desperate need of a reality check.

In the last two seasons, Idzik has changed the very fabric of the team, from a loud mouth in your face talkative bunch, to a self-confident, self-aware group of foot soldiers that will tote the company line any chance they get.  In Idzik’s first attempt at general manager, he cut ties with aging fan favorites in place of cheap alternatives and young draft picks. He converted a dire salary cap situation into a formidable surplus with plenty of room to improve for years to come. And if nothing else, he got the outspoken, headline grabbing head coach, to only speak of competition on a daily basis.

John Idzik and the New York Jets embark on the 2014 season as a team on the rise. With expectations building from the previous season, and a roster, that by football standards, now resembles a legitimate threat to make some noise, not only in New York, but throughout the league. All eyes will now focus on a team trying to take the next step and contend with the New England Patriots in the AFC East.  The only guarantee these days is the fact the Jets are better off today, than they were two years ago. 

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