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New York Jets Host First Ever Jets Movie Night

July 17th, 2014 at 10:14 AM
By Mario Scipioni

Training camp has not even started yet, but it felt like MetLife Stadium was already hosting a New York Jets game. For the first time ever, the Jets hosted Jets Movie Night at the stadium. The film being shown was The Lego Movie and the turnout was tremendous.

The actual movie itself began at 7:30pm, but that was not the only exciting thing about this fun-filled night. Throughout the entire event, which began about 90 minutes earlier, there were several fun activities going on that gave a gameday-like feeling. For example, Jets Fest inflatable obstacle courses that are seen at Generation Jets events and Family Night at training camp were present. Even while the movie was playing, young fans were still having fun and running through the courses.

Fans received a tour of the Jets locker room and got to experience what it is like to walk onto the field on gameday. It is no surprise that all the cameras came out and poses with logos and writings such as "Play Like A Jet" were seen everywhere. Also, a few members of the New York Jets Flight Crew were at the 50-yard line taking photos with fans of all ages, which helped to further enhance the vibe of an actual game taking place. In addition, there was a face painting station for everyone to show their green and white pride.

If one were to ask "What can make a movie night with The Lego Movie even more fun and exciting?" the answer would probably be playing with Legos while watching the movie. That's exactly what occurred. In the stadium's 50 Club at the MetLife Gate, there was a Lego party going on for kids and adults to create their own masterpieces of all sorts while watching a Lego masterpiece on numerous TV screens. To provide assistance and encouragement were people from Snapology, a company that promotes kids to be creative, mainly with the use of Legos.

The event as a whole went well with the fans who attended. When the movie ended, there was a big round of applause from everybody, and it almost looked like a dance party was about to break out. The consensus was that the event was enjoyable for people of all ages. With a popular and creative movie, an opportunity for kids and adults to build wonderful Lego creations, and typical gameday-like experiences such as face painting, the event had everybody going home happy.

It is far from knowing whether or not a second Jets Movie Night will happen, but based on fan reactions, they may want to bring it back. With all the fun and excitement the event brings as well as the energy it creates, why not?

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