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New York Jets 2014 NFL Draft Profiles: Wide Receivers

April 29th, 2014 at 2:11 PM
By Peter Schifani

Last week we looked at the secondary positions to profile some players that may fit the New York Jets defensive system. Now we move over to the offensive side of the ball and check out the 2014 NFL Draft's deepest position, wide receivers that can benefit Marty Mornhinweg, Geno Smith and Michael Vick.

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Wide Receivers

1st Round

Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU): Five foot, 11 inches tall, weight: 198 pounds

Beckham has excellent vision with improved hands, as well as good acceleration and burst when needed. He possessed solid footwork, timing and can separate from defenders well to catch passes thrown in stride. Also does of catching balls out of the air by elevating properly and extending his arms plus has an explosiveness on special teams. On the downside though he does hesitate some with passes thrown over the middle of the field, partially from average height and strength in his body. Also needs work in blocking technique.

Brandin Cooks (Oregon State): Five foot, 10 inches tall, weight: 189 pounds

Cooks possesses a natural fluidity in his body control, good open field vision and explosiveness in his feet. He also has worked hard to fake out defenders with solid footwork and route set-up as well as has the burst and acceleration to separate well after the catch. On the flipside, he is a little small in size and strength overall and can struggle against physical defenders. Also needs to properly secure the ball through the whole process of the catch to avoid drops or fumbles.

Marqise Lee (USC): Six foot tall, weight: 192 pounds

Lee is a savvy route runner, with explosive straight ahead speed and can change direction on the fly. He also has solid vision plus is elusive to defenders and great acceleration to get away after the catch. Solid physical blocker down field to help out the run game as well. On the downside though he has gone freelance at times in running his routes plus because being slight in body frame has been injured enough to be a concern in the NFL.

3rd Round

Cody Latimer (Indiana): Six foot, three inches tall, weight: 215 pounds

Latimer has the combination of agility and speed plus frame that is athletic looking to create separation consistently as a route runner. He also possesses soft hands to bring in balls consistently well, plus has the physicality to beat press coverage in the NFL. Also has a willingness to block down field. On the flipside, he can lack concentration here and there that leads to dropped passes, and also seems to lack a second gear speed to pull away on vertical deep thrown passes.

4th Round

Jarvis Landry (LSU): Six foot tall, weight: 205 pounds

Landry possesses good body control, quickness to move and speed to break away. He also has a solidly built body frame with good strength as well as above average toughness. He also shows good patience and the ability to create space when engaged with defenders. Also has strong hands, solid hand to eye coordination and the resiliency to be a pass catcher over the middle of the field. On the downside though he can struggle versus press coverage at times, plus has to tighten down on his footwork because he can get tied up in route running when not being consistent.

Devin Street (Pittsburgh): Six foot, three inches tall, weight: 198 pounds

Street shows the quickness in footwork to create space in the middle of the field, and shows a toughness to make almost any catch. He also is a smooth, natural athlete with good control of his body throughout the process of route running and catching passes. Unfortunately he does lack the ideal top end speed, and not enough speed to breakaway after the catch is made to make more yards.

5th Round

TJ Jones (Notre Dame): Six foot tall, weight: 188 pounds

Jones is considered a very coordinated athlete plus has solid footwork and good focus while secure the catch. He also possesses quick hands, good short burst speed and set up in his moves to make himself a hard man to cover. Also very aware of where he is on the field at all times to work back to the ball plus a solid punt returner in his senior season. On the flipside, he is very average physically with a slight frame and not much bulk or ability to add to his frame. Also looks to run before securing the catch too often due to trying to use his speed to create separation.

6th Round

Jeff Janis (Saginaw Valley): Six foot, three inches tall, weight: 219 pounds

Janis is fleet of foot, controlled in his route running, and possesses good skills in tracking the ball during the throw. He is also strong enough to shed some tackles by defenders, and can build up speed to separate from same. When hit hard he will hold onto the ball because of his size and muscular frame. On the downside does not possesses much initial burst speed, plus has rounded out some routes too early and his hand to eye coordination is just average.

The New York Jets can certainly a good quality wide receiver in the first round with the number 18 overall selection, but if they decide to go defense again, can find good choices in many other rounds as well. They will need a young physical receiver who hopefully won't be hurt too often and can make separation and yards after the catch to help round out the offensive weapons.

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