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Antonio Cromartie Will Not Need Hip Surgery, Has Not Talked to New York Jets About Restructuring Contract

January 30th, 2014 at 4:45 PM
By Mario Scipioni

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie made an appearance at Jets House in New York City to interact with both the fans and the media. When speaking to reporters, he touched up on two topics that have many asking questions: the status of his hip and his contract situation. 

Right away, he assured everyone that he is feeling much better and claims that this is “the first time since about the second week of the preaseason that [he feels] close to 100 percent.” Cromartie admitted that the injury played a role in what has been widely regarded as a down season for the veteran cornerback.  "It was a rough year," Cromartie said, "just from the standpoint of just dealing with the injury and just figuring out what we've got to try to do to.  I think it was just frustrating for me because I didn't play at a level I needed to play."

Cromartie also indicated that he has been rehabbing for three weeks. In addition to the assistance he has been receiving from a hip specialist, he has been doing well enough in rehab to avoid undergoing hip surgery.  He is confident that the healing process will not throw him off when it comes to off-season workouts.

Instantly after talking about his hip, Cromartie was asked if he has recently talked about any contract negotiations with the team.  So far, nothing has been discussed.  "That's something I'll let my agents take care.  I haven't even been worried about it.  I think my biggest thing for me is trying to make sure I stay healthy," said the Pro Bowl cornerback.

Cromartie has assured that he wants to stay with the team, but he understands the business aspect of putting together a football team.  It was noted weeks ago that he is willing to restructure his contract.  If the Jets release Cromartie, they would save $4.4 million, which would actually be more of a cap relief than letting go of Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes, both of whom the Jets are expected to cut ties with.

As for getting ready for the 2014 season, he is already planning to work out with fellow Jets cornerback Dee Milliner in California right before training camp.  Whether he is wearing green and white or another color combination, he will definitely be hosting another Cromartie Camp.  Not only does he want to be ready for the next team if the Jets let him go, but he feels he will be better than ever when he steps on the field again.

One question has been answered, but who knows when we will find out if both sides will get serious about fixing up Cromartie's current deal?  While he still has the talent that you ask for and will be helpful to the younger players, football is just as much business as it is a game.

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