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New York Jets: Mike Vick a Likely Free Agent Target?

January 21st, 2014 at 9:20 PM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets are expected to be big spenders this offseason, with quarterback set to be an interesting position to address (or not). The Jets recently re-signed Matt Simms for 2014 and Geno Smith will be entering his second season. It seems unlikely that the Jets will enter 2014 satisfied with those two at the top of the depth chart, given their expected free agency binge and a make-or-break year for Rex Ryan. Mike Vick is an option that seems tied to the Jets from his prior experience with Marty Mornhinweg as well as Rex Ryan's previously reported admiration.

'Mike Vick and the Eagles Offense' photo (c) 2011, Matthew Straubmuller - license:

Expect the New York Jets to acquire an insurance policy for Geno Smith this offseason. The Jets are expected to be aggressive this offseason in addressing the holes on their roster as they push for a return to the playoffs. While Geno Smith certainly improved late in the season, his overall body of work as a rookie hasn't earned him the right to be handed the starting job. If the Jets are going to spend this offseason, they have to protect themselves in case Geno Smith's play takes a downturn in year two. As much as the team likes Matt Simms, he isn't the answer as a potential long term fill-in if needed.

That brings us to Mike Vick. The interest on the Jets' end is obvious, as Marty Mornhinweg and Mike Vick were very successful working together with the Philadelphia Eagles. In December of 2012 it was reported that Rex Ryan "loves" Mike Vick. With the offensive coordinator and head coach seemingly in agreement on Mike Vick, the only obvious hurdle for the Jets could be money.

It might not be so easy on the other side. As much as Mike Vick might want to play under Marty Mornhinweg again, there are other destinations out there that will likely provide a guaranteed starting spot. The free agent quarterback class is a weak one this year, with plenty of teams looking to move on. That will also play into the money situation, as teams desperate for a starting quarterback will drive up the price tag.


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