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Mike Tannenbaum: Former New York Jets General Manager on Miami Dolphins Radar?

January 9th, 2014 at 11:50 PM
By Donald Lappe

Mike Tannenbaum might be returning to the AFC East after a short stint with Priority Sports. The former New York Jets general manager has been reported as a potential replacement for Jeff Ireland with the Miami Dolphins. Ireland and the Dolphins mutually agreed to part ways amidst talk of tension between the general manager and head coach Joe Philbin. There are some Jets connections in Miami that have led to the rumors of Mike Tannenbaum being a candidate as general manager.

Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum would be an interesting fit with the Miami Dolphins. He had a roller coaster run with the Jets, finishing up by being fired, a roster of bad contracts and aging veterans left in his wake along with a 6-10 season in 2012. With the Jets on the precipice of a Super Bowl, Tannenbaum went for broke and signed some deals that he likely understood weren't going to be pretty on the back end. Whether an organizational decision or one that he was driving for, the poor ending is generally credited to him while the two AFC Championship Game appearances seem to be overlooked when discussing his tenure.

Mike Tannenbaum has been criticized for relying on others to evaluate talent, seen more as a salary cap manager. That criticism might serve him well if he wants to Miami Dolphins job. Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland reportedly butted heads and the Dolphins may be looking for a general manager more interested in figuring out how to get the players the head coach wants under the salary cap than being first and foremost in making personnel decisions.

There are some familiar faces associated with the Miami Dolphins organization, namely Matt Higgins and Dawn Aponte. Higgins works as CEO of RSE Ventures for Dolphins Owner Stephen M. Ross and Aponte is currently the team's Vice President of Football Operations. Mike Tannenbaum spent last year as an agent for Priority Sports, representing head coaches and broadcasters.


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