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New York Jets’ Ed Reed Lashes Out at the Media

December 20th, 2013 at 9:33 PM
By Donald Lappe

It has been a frustrating season for New York Jets safety Ed Reed following his departure from the Baltimore Ravens. Coming off of a Super Bowl victory, bouncing between two teams with losing records wasn't exactly the follow-up he had planned. Ed Reed has faced some individual criticism throughout the season in conjunction with his release by the Houston Texans. All of that may have come to a head when he spoke to the media on Friday. 

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New York Jets safety Ed Reed went off on the media on Friday, calling out their football knowledge after clearly taking exception to some of the analysis of the move to bring Reed to New York. The move has cost Antonio Allen some playing time, whereas Allen was a major bright spot as a young player showing tremendous upside. Still, Ed Reed is a future Hall of Famer and the time he has spent with the Jets will almost certainly be beneficial to Allen's future as an NFL safety.

"Half of you all don't know as much about football as you think unless you sit in the film room with us and break the film down or even know the schematic part of it," Reed told the assembled media on Friday.

Ed Reed went on to say that the New York media would benefit from such a film session and understand how football is a team game and it's tough to attribute breakdowns to one individual player. He's right.

It's difficult to pinpoint a single player as the culprit on a bad play, especially without knowing the call. Breakdowns can force other players to have to attempt to cover for another player. Watching the game it might be easy to see that Ed Reed was the closest player to the play and assume that he was the player beaten, but we don't always know what happened in front of him. The cornerback could have been beaten while Reed was supplying help over the top or maybe the offensive simply had the right call to attack that coverage.

Ed Reed went on to say that it goes beyond the 11 players on the field at any given time. The offense, defense and special teams are interconnected. It's a synergistic force when the three phases are playing well and feeding off each other. As we've seen with the Jets this season, one strong phase can only take the team so far. The defense has been sabotaged at different times throughout the year by offensive (and occasionally special teams) breakdowns. Cleaning up those units, especially the offense, will be a major task heading into next season.

As for Reed, it will be interesting to see what route he takes. Will he hang it up after this season as he was hampered by injuries once again and doesn't seem to be the same player he once was? Is there room for him with the Jets if he does decide to play another season?


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