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New York Jets: Keys to Victory Against the Tennessee Titans

September 28th, 2013 at 8:30 PM
By Mario Scipioni

Even though the Tennessee Titans may not be a team worthy of top-ten recognition, they will still be a tough team for the New York Jets to square off against.  Victory will belong to the Jets if they follow a few steps.

Keep Chris Johnson grounded: Everyone who knows football knows how much of a threat Chris Johnson can be. He has game breaking speed that can damage the opposition. The Jets’ defense will have to prevent him from going far downfield. One particular area where the Jets will have to capitalize on defense is when Johnson starts to make a turn when running because that is when he is the most dangerous.  If he cannot move around and gain good yardage, then Jake Locker might have a bigger load to carry on his shoulders.

Lock the Locker: Speaking of Jake Locker, he will also be someone the Jets will have to shut down.  He may not be the most dynamic out of all the quarterbacks in the NFL that can scramble for yards, but he has been showing so far this season that he can get the job done on the ground and in the air.  The secondary will have to execute well when covering Tennessee's receivers and take Locker's options away.  In addition, the defensive line will have to bring a lot of pressure and try to force him to make mistakes or throw the ball away.

Lay off of the penalties: Yes, the Jets earned their victory over the Buffalo Bills last week, but no one will always win with 20 penalties. Discipline is an area where they will have to be sharp throughout the entire season. The Titans are a good team and will most likely be able to take advantage of any penalties the Jets commit.  There were enough yellow flags thrown against the Jets last week at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets need to contain themselves and not give the referees any reasons to throw so many flags again.

Keep the running game moving: In the past two games, the Jets’ running game worked effectively.  They should continue this against the Titans.  Bilal Powell may not be the fastest halfback, but he has shown that he is capable of running the ball well and getting first downs when needed.  Doing well on the ground will take pressure off of Geno Smith to make big throws and allow the offense to move at a comfortable pace.  The most important and obvious part of this task is to put points on the board.

Knock them out early: Each game the Titans have played has gone down to the wire. They had an excellent opportunity to defeat the Houston Texans in week two, but they could not capitalize. This shows that they can be lethal at the last second.  In fact, they pulled off a comeback win against the San Diego Chargers last week.  If the Jets can run up the scoreboard and keep the Titans away from chances at scoring opportunities early, then Tennessee may have too much to overcome to win.

This will be a tough but winnable game for the Jets.  A win in Tennessee will be great as it will boost the team's swagger and get Jets fans even more excited about the rest of the season.  60 minutes of physical, smashmouth football will be necessary for the Jets as they try to complete all of these tasks and leave LP Field 3-1.


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