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New York Jets: Keys to Victory Against the Buffalo Bills

September 21st, 2013 at 7:30 PM
By Mario Scipioni

It will be a big game tomorrow at MetLife Stadium as the New York Jets take on their division rivals, the Buffalo Bills, and try to improve to 2-1 on the season. This will not be an easy contest, but the Jets can emerge victorious if a few tasks are done.


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Defense (clap,clap), Defense (clap, clap): The Jets’ defense has played very well so far in the 2013 season. They have especially done superb against the run. That top-notch run defense will have to show up and make it a miserable afternoon for C.J. Spiller. In addition, the passing defense must have a big day and hold Stevie Johnson to an underachieving performance. One of the biggest things the defense will have to do is keep E.J. Manuel grounded by brining pressure and eliminating his options when passing the ball.

Catch the ball: It is well-known that last week was a very bad one for the Jets’ receivers as they dropped several passes, some of which were crucial. This week, they cannot let that happen again. They must catch the ball, help the team move the chains, and not make the job anymore difficult for Geno Smith. The last thing they will want to do is drop the ball so much that it puts their rookie quarterback in a tough situation with the game on the line in the last minute, just like what happened in New England. Catch it, secure it, and run.

Avoid mistakes: Last week, everyone saw how turnovers and penalties can hurt a team. The Jets have to stay away from turning the ball over and giving the Bills easy opportunities at points. In addition, discipline is a must. Any penalty from false starts to pass interferences could set the Jets back and give them a bigger workload to get a win. Another thing they might want to do is make sure they have a returner on every punt. It is not a penalty or a turnover, but it is not a wise decision at all that could go against them.

Get the running game going: Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell were able to show improvements from week one to week two. If the offensive line can provide them with plenty of room to run and allow them to have big games, it could cook up a successful recipe. Doing so will gradually move the ball down the field  while letting the clock run and take pressure off of Smith to make big throws. Smith himself may have to run if he cannot find an open receiver to get some yards and avoid possibly throwing costly interceptions.

The season is still young, but this is a game the Jets must win to avoid falling far behind.  As long as they play physical and do not give the Bills any extra chances, victory is theirs.  Expect this to be a hard-fought game by both teams that could end up being close.  If the Jets can accomplish all the tasks mentioned, they will be standing where they want to be when the final whistle is blown.


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