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New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez Placed on Injured Reserve, Designated to Return

September 14th, 2013 at 12:24 PM
By Donald Lappe

Just days after New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez proclaimed himself the winner of the quarterback competition over Geno Smith, the team placed him on short-term injured reserve. The Jets designated Mark Sanchez as their player to return, which means Sanchez will be eligible to play when the Jets play the Buffalo Bills in Week 11. The decision to designate Mark Sanchez to return is an interesting one, as an earlier report indicated that Mark Sanchez thought the team might place him on injured reserve and simply move on with Geno Smith.

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After being expected to have surgery on his torn labrum, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has now been told that he can pursue rehabilitation. Sanchez will not undergo surgery at this time and his goal is to return to play this season. Jets head coach Rex Ryan said yesterday that it is "realistic" that Mark Sanchez could return to the team. By designating Sanchez as their player to return on the injured reserve, the Jets are lending credence to that statement.

Earlier this week, Mark Sanchez told Rich Eisen that he won the competition over Geno Smith prior to his injury. While Sanchez did outperform Smith over the course of the preseason, there was a prevailing feeling that the front office wanted to move forward with Geno Smith. Whether the injury to Mark Sanchez simply made it easier for the Jets to go in that direction or actually clinched the competition, Geno Smith now has seven more games to cement himself as the starting quarterback.

So far, Geno Smith has gotten the Jets off to a 1-1 start. While his three interceptions hurt the team against the New England Patriots, Smith didn't get much help from his receivers. Beyond that, the amount of turnovers Mark Sanchez has produced the past few seasons makes it difficult to justify sitting a rookie because of turnovers. Smith has shown great physical tools in terms of arm strength and mobility, and his decision-making should be expected to improve over the course of the season.


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