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New York Jets Set to Leave SUNY Cortland, Geno Smith Throws Three Interceptions

August 14th, 2013 at 11:47 PM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets are ready to leave SUNY Cortland, with the Red Dragons taking the practice field at Cortland soon to start their own training camp, the Jets will be getting ready to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. After this weekend's game against the Jaguars, the Jets will resume practice at their regular season home, the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. The Jets didn't leave quietly, of course, as three interceptions from Geno Smith led to a memorable Rex Ryan press conference.

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Heading into the second preseason contest, the gap between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith seems to be getting wider. The New York Jets quarterback competition hasn't been as buzzworthy as some probably expected, though Geno Smith hasn't been given much of an opportunity to play in a game situation. It has been assumed that Smith would likely get the nod to start this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but no announcement has been made. The third preseason game is typically a true dress rehearsal for the starters, so a final decision would be preferred before kickoff against the New York Giants next weekend.

Brutal. That's the word Rex Ryan chose to describe Geno Smith's play today at practice, when he was intercepted three times in team drills. To make matters worse, that wasn't against the starting defense. Geno Smith threw three interceptions while working with the first team against the scout team defense. He was intercepted by Brett Lockett, Royce Adams and Jacquies Smith.

"It was brutal. It was Geno's worst day." Ryan explained, courtesy of the New York Daily News.

Rex Ryan went on to throw out the ankle injury as a possible factor, despite Geno Smith's reluctance to place blame on the injury. Ryan went as far as saying that Smith could sit out on Saturday against Jacksonville. Being that he is still in the quarterback competition with Mark Sanchez and his first appearance was cut short, it's hard to believe Geno Smith would allow an injury that he has been practicing on to keep him out of dwindling opportunities for game reps.

It's not a big surprise that as things progress with the offense it could become tougher for Geno Smith to perform well. He is a rookie trying to handle an NFL offense and as the team moves forward in the preseason the playbook is expanding. Or it could have just been a bad day. Either way, his stock seems to be dropping and Mark Sanchez, who started training camp in a slump, seems to be trending upwards.


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