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New York Jets Rookie, Oday Aboushi, Defends Reputation Against Frontpage Magazine Allegations

July 12th, 2013 at 9:04 PM
By Donald Lappe

New York Jets rookie offensive tackle Oday Aboushi defended himself in an interview with the New York Post, dismissing allegations from Frontpage Mag that he is anti-Semitic and supports Islamic Extremists. Selected in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft in late April, not even a month later Frontpage Mag was already taking shots at Oday Aboushi's character and calling for the Jets to release him. The Jets also released a statement and made it clear that they have no plans to release Oday Aboushi.

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A few months ago, Jets 101 reported on the article from Frontpage Mag which took large leaps in connecting far-off dots to paint Oday Abouyshi as an Islamic Extremist with anti-Semitic beliefs. The rookie offensive tackle of the New York Jets came under fire for his social media activity, the transgressions consisting of a retweeted photo and a positive tweet about a fundraiser to help children in Palestinian refugee camps. Of course, there was no mention of his efforts to helps those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post interviewed Oday Aboushi, giving him a chance to defend himself against the smear campaign by Frontpage Mag. Aboushi made it clear that he harbors no ill will towards Israel or those of Jewish faith:

“My feelings are very fair — I wish both sides would come to a peaceful agreement and both live in peace,” Aboushi said. “I want to see them live together in harmony and enjoy the land instead of focusing on conflict with each other.”

The Jets released their own statement:

“The New York Jets strongly believe in diversity, inclusion and tolerance of others. We also encourage all of our employees to use good judgment when exercising their rights to freedom of expression and speech to be certain that they are constructive and respectful.”

It's fairly obvious what's going on here. Frontpage Mag published the article in May, looking to drum up some pageviews and controversy. After not getting the response they were looking for, they followed up with a second article and continued to bash Oday Aboushi. The attempts to piece together a smear campaign have failed, judging by the comments and the media coverage of the post by Frontpage Mag.


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