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New York Jets’ Head Coach Rex Ryan in Spain for Running of the Bulls

July 8th, 2013 at 9:53 PM
By Donald Lappe

New York Jets' head coach Rex Ryan isn't your typical NFL head coach, more likely to step outside the buttoned-up stoicism most coaches convey and live a little from time to time. In yet another example, Rex Ryan was in Pamplona, Spain for the Running of the Bulls. There's no doubt Rex Ryan works just as hard as any other head coach in the NFL. He also plays harder than just about any coach in the league.

'New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan' photo (c) 2011, Marianne O'Leary - license:

New York Jets' head coach Rex Ryan is a little different compared to the average NFL head coach. Sure, other head coaches will be seen on vacation at different landmarks around the world or attending a taping of Judge Judy, but how many would be at the Running of the Bulls? Only one: Rex Ryan.

It wasn't an uneventful Running of the Bulls (is it ever?). The photos show people being chased into the water by the beasts and there's even a harrowing tale of a near-fatality. As a bull rushed toward a group of people, some were knocked to the ground and panic ensued:

"I remember running and tripping over people who had fallen to the ground as the bull charged towards us. It was complete and utter chaos," John Bennett, 44, told The Telegraph. "I was crushed under people who fell on top of me. I felt my legs being twisted under me with all the weight."

"There was a terrifying moment when people on me were crushing my face to the ground and I couldn't breathe. A first aid person managed to grab my hand and pull me to safety under a fence. He saved my life. I was suffocating under the weight of the people I had on top of me."

And somewhere nearby, Rex Ryan was also partaking in the festivities. It's part of his appeal as a head coach, to both fans and players. He keeps things loose and likes to have fun, while also being one of the best defensive minds on the planet when it comes to football.

There will surely be some cheap comments about how Rex Ryan should be watching film and prepping for the season instead of running with the bulls. The daily grind for an NFL head coach in season is ridiculous, and it's tough to think of a cooler way to end the quiet period before the storm of training camp and the regular season. Rex looks to be in great shape and is hopefully re-energized heading into the 2013 season with the Jets.


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