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Geno Smith: New York Jets Quarterback Still Unsure About Attending Jets West

June 24th, 2013 at 10:00 PM
By Donald Lappe

Geno Smith sparked a mini-firestorm during New York Jets minicamp when he fired out a "no comment" after being asked about attending the annual Jets West camp hosted by Mark Sanchez each summer. Originally taken as a sign of tension between the two quarterbacks at the forefront of the Jets quarterback competition, Geno Smith later clarified that he didn't know what Jets West was at the time. Now that Geno Smith is aware of Jets West, he's still not sure if he'll be attending – or even be invited.  

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When New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez started running the Jets West sessions out Mission Viejo High School in California, it was taken as a sign of him maturing as a team leader. Since he started running the annual retreat for offensive players to get together and work on getting on the same page, the offense has been mired in the muck. Correlation does not equal causation, but just something to keep in mind.

It is interesting to note that Geno Smith was unaware of the Jets West sessions. Mark Sanchez invited Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow last year, so there doesn't seem to be any reason not to bring Geno Smith out to the West Coast to get some extra work. However, it seems as though Geno Smith still hasn't received an invite.

After previously offering no comment, Geno Smith told reporters that he would attend if invited. When asked by the NFL Network on Monday whether a trip out to Jets West was in his plans, Geno Smith responded by simply saying, "We'll see."

It's the perfect little piece of offseason drama that can easily become media fodder to be blown way out of proportion. Last year, Santonio Holmes was the central figure in a potential feud with Mark Sanchez, with his decision whether to attend Jets West seen as a major indicator of the health of their relationship (despite having worked out together in Orlando previously that offseason). Santonio Holmes did attend Jets West last year, quelling the rumblings of a wide receiver-quarterback scuffle that appears to have been mostly media-driven.

Geno Smith probably put it best when he said, "We'll see." It's really the only approach to take, as opposed to freaking out over whether or not he will attend at this point. Either Geno Smith will head out to Jets West and get some extra reps, or he won't. It won't be a deciding factor in the quarterback decision currently on the minds of Rex Ryan, Marty Mornhinweg and David Lee.


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