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Tim Tebow: Former New York Jets Quarterback Signed by New England Patriots

June 10th, 2013 at 5:45 PM
By Donald Lappe

Tim Tebow isn't done in the NFL just yet. After much conjecture about Tim Tebow being forced to seek employment elsewhere, the polarizing quarterback will sign with the New England Patriots and is expected to be at minicamp with the team tomorrow. Tim Tebow has a unique skill set and can contribute in different ways to an NFL team. It's worth noting that Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator in New England, and was the head coach of the Denver Broncos when the team drafted Tim Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

'Tim Tebow (Rear view)' photo (c) 2010, Jeffrey Beall - license:

The New York Jets might not be headed towards a 2013 season free of Tim Tebow after all. Tim Tebow won't be wearing the green and white, but the team could see him twice this season when they play the New England Patriots. Tim Tebow will sign with the Patriots and is expected to be present at the team's minicamp tomorrow. Ed Werder first reported the move.

It will be interesting to see just what the Patriots do with Tim Tebow. Josh McDaniels was the head coach when the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow, and is now the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. Tom Brady surely won't be peeking over his shoulder like Mark Sanchez was with Tim Tebow in tow, but the Patriots will be looking for different ways to get him on the field if he sticks with the team.

There's a place in the NFL for Tim Tebow and his skill set. Whether he is a project quarterback or simply a package player that can serve in some different roles and add the ability to throw the football, he is a unique athlete with a tremendous work ethic. The Patriots are a team that has utilized some players in interesting roles before (Troy Brown, Mike Vrabel), and Bill Belichick has also taken on "tweener," project-type players that don't exactly fit the mold, such as Danny Woodhead.

Take a deep breath, everyone. Tebowmania is alive and well.


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