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Mike Goodson: More Legal Drama for New York Jets Running Back

June 1st, 2013 at 8:57 PM
By Donald Lappe

New York Jets running back Mike Goodson received some unwelcome news when a paternity suit was filed against him. It only adds to recent legal issues for the Jets running back, piling on top of the gun and marijuana charges stemming from a recent incident. In an interesting twist, the woman supposedly behind the paternity suit has come out and said that she did not authorize her attorney to file the suit against Mike Goodson.

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New York Jets running back Mike Goodson received notice that a paternity suit was filed against him by attorney Glenn Lilly on behalf of Ashlee Wilson. It's certainly news that Mike Goodson wasn't thrilled to receive, especially given his recent run-in with New Jersey Police and the amount of backlash that has come with that incident. The suit filed for retroactive child support, lump-sum child support and health insurance.

This possibility didn't come from left field. It was known that Mike Goodson had fathered multiple children with multiple women, part of the background profile mentioned by many as a warning sign of what was possibly to come. That's part of the reason many weren't surprised by his arrest on a highway with gun and marijuana in the vehicle.

But, as you can almost always count on with the Jets, there's a twist. Ashlee Wilson now claims that she never asked her attorney to file suit. She doesn't believe her and Mike Goodson need a lawyer to settle their issues and she doesn't want to create more problems for Mike Goodson and the Jets. Glenn Lilly, Ashlee Wilson's lawyer, claims his client orally authorized him to file the suit.


What you take from this at this point depends on how cynical you are. Do you buy that this is a misunderstanding or do you think Ashlee Wilson sees the recent legal troubles – along with a big contract – as a chance to accelerate the process of settling out of court?


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