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Joe Namath not Supportive of Mike Goodson, John Idzik

May 29th, 2013 at 10:35 PM
By Donald Lappe

Joe Namath loves the New York Jets and is always prepared to give his take on the current state of the franchise. Recently he came out in support of Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback, questioning the selection of Geno Smith in the 2013 NFL Draft. After the arrest of Mike Goodson, Joe Namath is questioning how well the Jets researched their free agent signing before pulling the trigger. It's safe to say that Namath hasn't been impressed with John Idzik thus far.

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Joe Namath isn't very happy with the decision by the New York Jets to sign Mike Goodson following Goodson's arrest. The Jets are still waiting to see how everything shakes out for Mike Goodson with the legal issues he now faces as a result of being arrested on marijuana and gun charges, but Joe Namath is hoping the team will learn from this and do a more thorough job of checking out potential free agent signees.

As Joe Namath told ESPN: "I hope [Goodson] changes for the better, but if you check on people's history, you might be a little more careful with who you're bringing in."

Joe Namath isn't the first person to bring up the past issues for Mike Goodson, but his criticism of the team generally elicits one of two responses from Jets fans: complete agreement or pleas for Joe to pipe down and watch instead of making his own headlines. As the engineer of the franchise's shining moment, Joe Namath has earned a lifetime pass from many Jets supporters. No amount of painfully awkward Suzy Kolber moments or loud criticisms of the team can undo the Super Bowl III guarantee and upset victory for some fans. Others are tired of hearing Joe's opinion on everything that happens with the team.

Joe Namath has every right to speak out on the current state of the Jets. Joe Namath is the most famous player in the team's history and he is a genuine fan of the team. That doesn't mean we have to agree with, or even listen to, what he's saying. In the end, despite his past, Joe Namath is like so many others: an ardent supporter without any influence.  

As for Mike Goodson, the Jets are still awaiting one of two outcomes with his current situation. If possible, they would still like him to be a contributor in their backfield if he is able to rid himself of the legal issues. If necessitated by a criminal sentence, the Jets will recoup what they can and cut their losses.


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