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New York Jets’ Geno Smith Involved in Jay-Z, Roc Nation Controversy with NFLPA

May 26th, 2013 at 11:18 PM
By Donald Lappe

There's not much the New York Jets and their players can do without ending up in the spotlight. The latest story surrounding the Jets is Geno Smith and his choice of representation. The decision to fire his original representation after the 2013 NFL Draft became a story itself, but with Geno Smith deciding to sign with Jay-Z and Roc Nation, there was some flash added to the storyline. Now, with a picture of Geno Smith and Jay-Z hanging out prior to Smith signing with Roc Nation, controversy and an NFLPA investigation have been added to the mix.

'Jay-Z' photo (c) 2009, Matthew Harrison - license:

When New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was first pursued by Jay-Z and Roc Nation, the potential pitfalls were immediately reported. Being that he isn't a recognized agent, Jay-Z is prohibited by the NFLPA from recruiting NFL athletes to sign with his agency. In reality, all he needed to do to avoid any issues was refrain from publishing anything incriminating involving himself and Geno Smith.

In today's world of athletes and celebrities, that has become near impossible. A picture has surfaced of Geno Smith and Jay-Z hanging out prior to Geno Smith signing with Roc Nation, which has obviously drawn the interest of the NFLPA. A investigation is now underway to see if there was any improper conduct from Jay-Z in the recruitment process of Geno Smith.

While Geno Smith will come away from this unscathed either way, it's unclear what the repercussions for Jay-Z and Roc Nation could be if the NFLPA finds them guilty of some wrongful recruitment practices. Even though Geno Smith is in the clear in terms of any personal punishment, it has been an eventful month as an NFL player for him. Hopefully things will calm down at some point and he can focus on playing quarterback. 


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