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New York Jets Quarterback Options: Alex Smith Headed to Kansas City Chiefs?

February 26th, 2013 at 1:01 PM
By Donald Lappe

Alex Smith was seen as a possible option at quarterback for the New York Jets heading into this offseason, but it now appears as though the San Francisco 49ers will trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. The news of a likely Matt Cassel release was paired with the report that Alex Smith will likely be traded to the Chiefs, giving Andy Reid a quarterback to work with as he tries to fix their issues on offense. That leaves the Jets without one of the more attractive options available to them at quarterback.

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The San Francisco 49ers have been expected to move on from Alex Smith ever since Colin Kaepernick stepped in and took the team to the Super Bowl following Smith's concussion. The question was whether he would be traded or released. With the ability to get some kind of compensation in return and decide where he lands (in other words not with the Arizona Cardinals), a trade was always the more attractive option. Word is that the 49ers now have a deal in place to trade Alex Smith and the speculation is that he is headed to the Kansas City Chiefs to play for Andy Reid. 

For teams looking for quarterback help, like the New York Jets, that takes Alex Smith off the list of available quarterbacks and adds Matt Cassel. That's not a swap they're going to be pumped up about. Alex Smith was one of the better options available and Matt Cassel has shown that he's not a quarterback that can thrive in a less-than-perfect situation. For a team like the Seattle Seahawks, with Matt Flynn to dangle in a deal, the Alex Smith trade could have their phone ringing a bit more.

As we continue to move towards free agency and the new league year on March 12, when any trade can be made official, Matt Moore continues to be our favorite to land with the Jets. He's a veteran, has shown the ability to compete without a ton of talent around him and is just looking for a fair shot. Matt Moore should be a fairly cheap signing and is more than capable of wresting that starting job from Mark Sanchez. It would make for an interesting quarterback competition throughout training camp. The amount of options available continues to wane and Matt Moore keeps moving up the list.


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