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Tim Tebow to Speak at Church Characterized as “Anti-Gay” and “Anti-Semitic”

February 16th, 2013 at 4:18 PM
By Donald Lappe

Tim Tebow can't stay out of the spotlight. The New York Jets quarterback is polarizing on the field, and because of his faith, his personal decisions are often under the microscope as well. Recently, his scheduled appearance at a church has come under fire, with the church being labeled as "anti-gay" and "anti-Semitic." Tim Tebow will speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas on April 28.

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New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is making headlines because of his personal beliefs once again. It's of no fault of his own, as he is simply being the person he has been his entire life. Tim Tebow hasn't changed since becoming an NFL player, having been an ambassador of his faith throughout his entire life. But, because it's an easy story and he has become an easy target, anytime he openly goes out to express his faith it grabs headlines.

The First Baptist Church of Dallas has been characterized as "virulently anti-gay and anti-Semitic." Here's the statements by senior pastor Robert Jeffress that Jeff Chandler of NBC Sports used from the Huffington Post to support that claim:

"On the eve of the presidential election in November 2012, Jeffress warned his Dallas congregation that President Barack Obama’s re-election would “lead to the rise of the Antichrist,” according to The Christian Post.

Jeffress also gained notoriety for his statements about the gay community. According to ThinkProgress, during the same speech where he endorsed Rick Perry in 2011, Jeffress told a crowd at the high-profile Values Voters Summit that gays should not be allowed in the military because “Seventy percent of the gay population” has AIDS."

Make your own decision on those statements. Those statements come from Robert Jeffress, not an official stance from the church itself. Speaking at the First Baptist Church of Dallas isn't supporting those statements.

The bottom line is that Tim Tebow can do as he pleases in his personal life and shouldn't be forced to embrace, or not embrace, a certain stance because he is a public figure. There are plenty of NFL players that have committed actual crimes and are still allowed to compete. Some still even have rabid followings. Tim Tebow should be allowed to speak at a church when he wants to without it being dissected.


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