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Bart Scott Says Getting Cut “Part of the Business”

February 7th, 2013 at 3:25 PM
By Donald Lappe

New York Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott knows that his time with the team is running thin and has accepted that as part of being a player in the NFL. NFL players and coaches know that it's rare to stay in one spot for long and everyone reaches the end of the line. Some are able to go out on their own terms, like Ray Lewis did this season, but most fall victim to the pink slip before they are truly ready to let go.

'New York Jets Linebacker Bart Scott Warms Up' photo (c) 2011, Marianne O'Leary - license:

Bart Scott is in a group of New York Jets best filed under the "soon to be cut" category on the roster. He's joined there by Calvin Pace, Eric Smith and Jason Smith. Those four are expected to be released as soon as possible, probably on the first day of the new league year, March 12. After seeing Chris Canty, Michael Boley and Ahmad Bradshaw cut by the New York Giants, Bart Scott offered his take on likely being cut soon to Newsday:

"It's part of the business. If you've been in the business long enough, I mean, come on. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana got cut. If they can get cut, with what they meant to their organization, who can't?"

It's a harsh reality for NFL players. Job security is rare, especially with teams handing out long-term contracts to play a game that takes such a physical toll on a person's body. everyone NFL player's skills diminish and with the salary cap hanging over their heads, organizations have to part ways with players that have sacrificed for the good of the team in order to stay competitive. Bart Scott was one of the great facilitators in the game, taking on offensive linemen that outweigh him 60-plus pounds and blowing up plays so others can clean up and fill the stat sheet. It's no coincidence that David Harris had his best seasons when Bart Scott was at his best. 

Putting your body through that kind of punishment will wear anyone down and is bound to take its toll eventually. That was probably never more evident than in 2011, perhaps amplified by Bart Scott's attempt to bulk up to deal with that punishment. He looked old and slow. In 2012 we saw flashes of the Bart Scott that made the Jets defense tick, but they were still moments as opposed to stretches of time. With Demario Davis waiting to take center stage, it's time to cut ties with Bart Scott. He understands that. Jets fans should have nothing but respect for what he's done for the franchise on the field over the past four seasons.

UPDATE: Bart Scott has been cut by the New York Jets.


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