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Mark Schlereth Discusses Future of Tim Tebow

January 29th, 2013 at 5:25 PM
By Donald Lappe

Tim Tebow is the central character in a never-ending story. The New York Jets quarterback, assumed to be on his way out of town, is constantly covered by the media. It doesn't seem to matter how insignificant the deed is; if it's Tim Tebow, it's newsworthy. Even Super Bowl week can't keep Tim Tebow off the minds of sports anchors across every channel, as evidenced by this exchange between Mark Schlereth and Hannah Storm of ESPN:

Tim Tebow. That's the subject of what Mark Schlereth and Hannah Storm were talking about. The New York Jets backup quarterback, and rumored wildcat operator (well, it did happen a few times), is still being talked about during Super Bowl week. Not just during Super Bowl week. At Super Bowl week. 

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are getting ready to play Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, but when ESPN cut back from Colin Kaepernick at the microphone to Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth earlier than the duo expected, they were talking about the future of Tim Tebow in the NFL. Now, they certainly weren't gushing over him. In fact, Mark Schlereth talked about some doubts about his ability to convert to a role as a tight end/h-back because the word from people in the Denver Broncos organization is that Tim Tebow might not be a fluid enough athlete, and he isn't natural at catching the football (remember when Mark Sanchez hit him in the back of the head?).

If you thought the Super Bowl was going to be a chance for you to get away from Tim Tebow, sorry to disappoint you. 

Tim Tebow has a blend of size and speed that makes him seem like a good fit as a tight end/h-back, but he did look awkward running routes for the Jets this season and definitely doesn't look comfortable catching the football. What makes Tim Tebow a unique weapon is his uncommon ability to be a power runner from the quarterback position. To be effective, he needs to have the ball in his hands. It's like a shooting guard who dominates the basketball trying to play off the ball. Tim Tebow is a creator on the field and he needs the football in his hands with a run/pass option to do that. It's similar to LeBron James playing point forward for the Miami Heat. He's just better when he has the ball in his hands.

Well, at least we all got our fill of Tim Tebow for the day.


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