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Darrelle Revis Trade: New York Jets Open to Trading Star Cornerback?

January 23rd, 2013 at 10:30 PM
By Donald Lappe

Would the New York Jets trade Darrelle Revis? According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the answer is yes. Woody Johnson is said to have made it clear that he wants the Jets to see what the market for Darrelle Revis is right now, knowing that getting something in return for Darrelle Revis now may be the best option for the team moving forward instead of risking him hitting the open market. For a team strapped for cap space and low on overall talent, moving a star in exchange for draft picks and cap room could be the way to go.

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A Darrelle Revis trade isn't something most New York Jets fans want to embrace. it's tough to give up a star player, especially on a team that has been as disappointing as the Jets have been the past two seasons. Darrelle Revis is the best player at his position and has been a cornerstone of the Jets defense since he entered the NFL in 2007.

However, the Jets need to find ways to get better as a team. Their roster is low on starters and their salary cap space is also running low. It has already been detailed how the Jets can get rid of some dead weight and free up some salary cap space, but more work needs to be done. Trading Darrelle Revis would open up more cap space and may not hurt the team on the field as much as you think.

Without Darrelle Revis this season the Jets still had the second-best pass defense in the NFL, trailing only the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the grand scheme of things, does entering Darrelle Revis into the lineup and bolstering their secondary a bit really make a huge difference for the team in the long run? Especially when their downfall was lack of talent on offense?

Trading Darrelle Revis doesn't automatically open up cap space for this season. it actually incurs and extra $3 million, bumping his cap cost from $6 million up to $9 million. What it does is open up future room. By restructuring current contracts or structuring free agent deals to take advantage of that future space, the Jets can reap the benefits now. Or they can take 2013 as a season to clean house and put the team in a position to rebuild without all of the salary cap craziness they have been forced to navigate these past few seasons. Plus, the Jets should be able to get some nice value in return for Darrelle Revis, whether draft picks or players that can help the team.

Another solution could be negotiating a long term deal with Darrelle Revis, but given the recent performance of the team and the past negotiations between the two sides, that would be difficult to pull off.

It has to be the right price in return, but trading Darrelle Revis is something the Jets need to explore. Having the courage to pull the trigger on the right deal can make the difference between getting some salary cap relief and moving the team forward, or losing Darrelle Revis next season for nothing in return.

Still, that's some welcome for John Idzik, huh? First order of business: trade away the best cornerback in the NFL.


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